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Come dady we want new toys for the new 2007 year!


Come on panschk, let's open a new threat where we point things to improove on the site and make them as 2007 has come :P . Or something like that i've just made a reason... :P

Anyway once we started to talk about new design on the site. Isn't that time come yet?
2007, 01, 05 14:06
Hmm if someone was interested in putting real effort into the site; I think the tourny site has a lot of room for improvement; and as someone who has to use the tourny site the most everytime we have a tourny (apparently the site is zomg too hard to look at for noobs -.- (perhaps by editing the site it might look less intimidating for everyone)) it is choppy and not that user friendly imo.

Nasty had told me about making a newspost on to advertise our tournies; he in the end decided against doing so because of the look of the site, people might see the site and leave thinking the tourny was unprofessional or w/e.

In shorthand: I would like improvements done on the tourny site, but recognize Panschk doesn't have all the time in the world. I can't really help with improving the site, maybe someone else can?
2007, 01, 05 21:32
I second what nitemjoo said.
2007, 01, 06 05:00
Well, Nightmarjoo.

When you talk about tournaments on the site, will you check how i form my info about the tournament, and how you do it? You always forget to put a date or server or something. Last time i edit the newspost in BWM.N for UNTour 03, because you've missed something. I don't remember what...

About who care for BWMN and who don't. Well every admin should have something like a DO THIS or THAT for this site. For example one will take care of the article section, someone else will take care of newsposts for MotW. Others will take care for spam, bots, comments, maps, pictures and everything that should be edit or deleted.

Also not everything is depending of the admin.

Here is me for example.

I am an admin. Many times i edit/fix/delete some of the things around here, and i know that i am not the only one who is doing this, because not every time i am at home and have programs to make pictures and staff like this. But i also UPLOAD A LOT OF REPLAYS! Not only mine. Did someone notice that i've upload nearly 150 replays (i don't know exatcly) from the BWTT tournyes? There is more, but this is taking a lot of time to see every races/maps, and writing the correct nick name of the players, because every dude have to be whit fency ~()[]`-{} symbols and ofc MyNiCkNaMeRoXcOuSeItSwHiTdIfFeReNtWoRdSiZeS.

So the point is... WAKE UP PEOPLE, DO SOMETHING!!! :)

I see many BWMN lovers, who write everywhere "BWMN figtening", "World Domination" and staff like this, but thats not enough you know?
2007, 01, 06 16:13
LGI thats not what me and nitemjoo are talking about. We're talking about a major upgrade to the layout and sexiness of the tourney site. It's needed if we want more people to become active. Although you make a good point about what admins should do by selecting jobs for admins to do.

The point of interest right now should be to upgrading the tourney site for people who wanna join the tournaments we hold. Panschk gogo! :)
2007, 01, 06 17:54
First of all, I agree with LGI that it would help if everyone did his fair share of newsposts or similar to keep this thing active. What about MOTW btw? On the other hand, we (should) do this for fun, not because we feel responsible and guilty if we don't. I just read an article in my newspaper about internet-addicts, I don't want to end like that^^

I know very well that our really bad admin area is a reason noone wants to mess with that anymore. Improving that should be possible to me.

On the design side of things, I don't have much motivation to change stuff. I still really like our layout, but if someone of you wants to work on something amazing, feel free to do it;) If some graphic freak wants to do the design, I'll find a way to work the functionality into it.

PM me or even better, send me an e-mail if you need access to the webspace to upload some test version or something like this.

Before the beginning of april I will probably only invest enough time for little fixes. If you really think that BWMN can continue to work and even grow in the next years, it might be worth investing serious time and pretty much rebuilding everything from scratch, except for the mapdatabase of course, which should still be cleaned then.

Well we have 3 months to decide on that, for now it's either small changes, especially stuff improving the usability, or someone else doing most of the work ;)
modified by panschk[FP]
2007, 01, 06 21:36
I love the twilight layout :D keep it!

I'll come back as an admin if you need the help with newsposts or something. Panschk, is it possible to do some sexiness to the tournament site aka just make it a bit more formal? I really wanna post about the tournaments on but pi fear ppl will not like how it looks etc.. And could you add a link to the tourney site somewhere on the main page?
2007, 01, 06 22:30
About cleaning the DB:
We could hold "competitions" where you could add maps that are candidates for deletion. After the entry time (damn, dunno a proper word :p ) has ended, there would be like two weeks or so left for people to say "do not delete xyz".

Maps that would fit there are those which are obviously unfinished and are unlikely to be finished.
Just so that we get rid of the real trash, no need to delete maps that are simply considered as very bad by someone.

For example there is this map (7)Waterloo, I think. It is definately unfinished, and unlikely to be finished - look at it's ID. Nothing against SummerSky or this map, but it's just lying around.

I would add 2 maps of mine there as well :p
2007, 01, 06 22:36
They did that once spines if you look back in the competition list.

As for participation, yeah LGI you contribute a lot, your replay adding is a nice asset of bwm. btw, you were complaining about it taking a lot of time to find out the info in the reps; try reXplorer, it's at bwprogramers,
it's in that list. It allows you to look at the info in reps by holding the mouse over the rep file after you've installed the program. I use it for apms and whatnot since bwchart takes fucking forever to load. It shows race, player names, player positions, and other stuff.
2007, 01, 07 01:43
oh and for motw I have posted what needs to be done before a motw can be chosen (if I'm picking motw). It's between Taklamakan and Spirallianz, both need tvp testing. imo Taklamakan is horribly t>p and needs an edit before I make it motw.
2007, 01, 07 01:45
@panschk, just look around. In every site out there everyone not only BWMN members keep saying "BWMN is the #1 melee site" and you think it doesn't worth to work on that? YOU'VE DONE IT! #1 IN THE WORLD, except korea... :)

Still we there is a path for the "World Domination" tilte, but we are close, thx to LostTampon we have D-Webs and Dark Swarms now >:] .

About the tournament site. Yes i also agree that it needs an update. Espacially the font size of the menus. Make them bigger and whit different colour, it's really hard to see them for new users...

@spinesheath i also would like to delete a part of the map DB, once i've talk about this but i was too affraid to do it myself, but it's ok to open a forum topic and everyone can list maps who think that they can be deleted.

@Nightmarjoo, thx for the program i'll check it.
2007, 01, 07 10:32
Next weekend I don't have to work. We should collect some issues that should be adressed till then, I'll try to fix some of them next weekend.

Sooner or later at least the PHP files should all be located at the domain, the map pictures and files will mostly stay on because moving them would take weeks.

2007, 01, 07 11:55
okay, DADY just tried to improve the admin-section so that you dont have to manually login anymore. Does not sound like much, but was actually 1 and a half hour of work, because ... the scripts I wrote back then really suck.

Right now I'd prefer to start from scratch. Really starting with nothing, like if I wanted to make a BWMN rip-off by myself. That would obviously take some time, and not everything might be better in the end, but I hope many things would improve.

Question is, how much of the "old" bwmn would absolutely be needed on the new one for it to serve it's purpose? For example, I'd consider installing a semi-professional forum software instead of our old one, do the competetions differently, so that the old ones would not be compatible with the new system, stuff like that. So basically, parts of the content would only be visible on the "old" page, that probably would be forgotten pretty soon by the everyday user that only browses the new one...

I hope you get what I want to say -__-

Matter of fact, is it even worth it? I did not get any replies in the last 2 days here, I won't do this just for my pleasure, I think it can only be worth the effort if BWMN will be active for atleast another year.
modified by panschk[FP]
2007, 01, 08 23:29
idk about the others but you can count on me being here at bwm for quite some time.

About your admin edit, I like it, but I am unable to access maps-admin now (that's how I was able to give radix map pics and upload obs for some maps =/ ), I also cannot access competitions; which makes removing Galaxy Prime very hard, as well as pushing forth dates on motw so the competition remains on the front page =/
2007, 01, 09 00:47
hmm I notice that my arctic cityscape is unvoteable now, I had made it as such to add Nasty's map, but it's past the deadline shown now and it stays unvoteable; is there an issue with 2007? Or did I do something wrong there?
2007, 01, 09 00:51
I am sure i will be in BWMN even if i get married.
2007, 01, 09 10:23
i check this site when i have nothing to do (in other words: very often)
2007, 01, 09 10:57
So you still don't have a girlfrined, right? :)
2007, 01, 09 13:05
well i gonna have to fix that map DB bug, but atm I am offline at home, I don`t know why. So it could take me another day or two before I can do anything about it...

about artic cityscape: <font color =... was probably never closed correctly. I would change it (has nothing to do with 2007), but same bug as for the map db...i'll fix it when I can...

2007, 01, 09 17:03
well it was voteable before 2007. Thanks for your help panschk, no rushes :)
2007, 01, 09 21:06
lol I also notice moty is not voteable either, something is wrong with 2007 :)
2007, 01, 09 22:49
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