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I'm trying to make a RTS for a Video Game class this semester.. The problem is, is that Im completely noob to programming so I'll need as much help as possible. So my question is, does anyone have any experience working with games or programing that can give me a summary or so about it?
2007, 02, 13 20:44
lol well the only game making program I ever messed with was gamemaker, and in it pathing was done by setting speed and direction, and then you tell it to avoid certain objects and whatnot. It's not easy, starcraft has amazing pathing :)
2007, 02, 13 20:46
yea, SC is teh pwn.

I am using gamemaker as a matter of fact. JOEL HELP ME!

to the rest: I would still appreciate help from any1 as well.
2007, 02, 13 20:50
well, if you are noob to programming you should first get some programming skills; you cant learn how to program just by telling you how to do so... you need also a lot of practice and knowledge about the programming language, without this knowledge its prolly impossible to make your own game
2007, 02, 13 20:51
indeed. I'd still like some insight though.
2007, 02, 13 20:53
well, id suggest to buy a book about gamemaking (i cant name one right now, but there are a lot of books about that topic out there... ive read some, but they werent for programmers with only few programming skills);
mayb you can find a book that describes game programming from scratch on

edit: ive never used the gamemaker tool; mayb ill take a look at it. but afaik most of those tools are constraining the programmer
modified by LostTampon
2007, 02, 13 20:57
gamemaker's help should help a lot, also you can go to their site, their forum and stuff there should be able to help you with anything you need.
2007, 02, 13 21:05
I don't know gamemaker at all, but if you were to program an RTS from scratch in a language like C/C++, then it'll be more than one semester's job.
A friend of mine is programming a "Spaceship Game", the first-person space shooter type of game. While he has several people to help him, and he sticks to fairly simple stuff, it already took him more than a year and it is nowhere near beta yet. And he IS good, though this basically is is first project as well.

Considering SC's pathing: It's not THAT good. It gets noticeably worse when you command lots of units; SCs pathing is "a basic implementation of A*" (someone posted this on SEN, based off disassembly of SCs code). If you want to know about A*, wiki it. SC uses A* on a per-unit-basis, which is pretty bad when lots of units are moving.
2007, 02, 15 13:28
hm yeah, but if you know some basic stuff (e.g. how to program with DirectX) it's not too difficult to create your first simple game (in c++ or c#, although c# is better for simple games)
one and a half year ago i made a 3d helicopter game, where you were able to fly over a hightmap terrain.
too bad i had no modeler, my rockets looked like tigers (used the sample models) :/
+ it had a simple buggy multiplayer ^^
2007, 02, 15 14:32
back in the days i did some simple games in Qbasic. I dont really believe in those "game making" books, imo just a waste of money in times of the internet.
2007, 02, 19 21:44
there are a lot of different books about game making, of course you have to find the "truth" for yourself, they show only one way how to do it... it should be an aid and give some insight into game making and how to program your own engine (the level of detail depends on the book)
i dont think that they are a waste of money, they explain step to step how to implement your game, so that you get an understanding how things work. i still prefer a good book to some fuzzy internet guides
2007, 02, 19 23:07
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