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New Starcraft AIs
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Has any of you guys tried playing against the "improved" Starcraft AIs (AI=artificial intelligence)? You can download them at:

Racine 3.0 receives free resources to compensate for the comp's poor micro, it can be overwhelming for average players. Raynor 2.0 does not receive free resources, it is a few notches above the normal SC AI but still can be beaten regularly by average players with some effort.
2007, 03, 17 20:12
i dled it and forgot about it for awhile. then i got a new comp so it kinda got lost. How is it? Have you tried it?
2007, 03, 17 20:44
I know this program.Sometimes he need alot of pc power.In Zbath modus the comp starts with 2000min+2000gas and he spend this money pretty quick > alot pylons > 5 gates > 3 forges > 2 cores etc.Between 1.30 and 2min. the first rush 6 zeals.In 6-7 min he has already a 100 units army against me.All inclusive high & dark templ.I thought a horse kick my ass.Cripes!

Ok,it depends on the mode you playing but some of you would be very surprised about your new/old pal,the comp.
2007, 03, 18 02:44
I played Racine 3.0 on Luna. Kept fending the Protoss computer off with mines and tanks but kept losing most of my forces I lasted up to 20 min when the comp unleashed 30 goons, 19 zeals, 4 DTs and 3 HTs on me and I was toast. But I am not a very good players. I understand that really good players can beat this AI.
2007, 03, 18 03:28
so he has just more money, or is he "smarter" (ok, not even that, does he use better build orders, unit choices) than normal broodwar computer opponent?

lol that is like my first post in a month :D
2007, 03, 20 17:18
2007, 03, 20 19:22
I played one these AI things a while ago before I got dsl, it gives like a constant 2000 gas/minerals to them and edits their macro, and they seem to act more agressive as well.

I got raped a lot, zvt was hard, anytime you expod they'd send an army as soon as you finished it, an army which included like 93045349 tanks oO

It's good general macro/micro practice, but they do not play like humans.
2007, 03, 20 20:43
I have played alot of games against these new AIs.
I have to say, that they are awesome. Average players can beat the normal AIs. They don't get more money, but have better build orders. The insane AIs get 2000 mins and gas in regular intervals. You have to be a good player to beat them, but it isn't impossible.
Also there are AIs that are programmed for FME maps.
But i didn't test them, cause i didn't play FME maps. All in all its a nice project and i think it adds a lot of variety.
modified by ptar
2007, 03, 21 14:20
I played Racine 3.0 tvp once on NeoBridgeTooNear, and it was ridiculous. I was not attacked once, got some tanks + vults, and attacked him. The comp had less units than a normal AI would have by that time Oo I maybe lost like 10 or 20 units...
2007, 03, 23 07:48
Yeah, sometimes the AI stacks and builds slower or the worker doesn't move. For an example when you use the AI 1.07 TvZ the zerg player doesn't biult anything. I think this problems will be updated. You only have to test some AIs and have to look wich ones the bests are.
2007, 03, 23 08:46
I remember that the improved AI in the one I used, the russian one, the AI without the 2000 minerals/gas was worse than the normal AI.
2007, 03, 24 02:46
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