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User Made Mappack
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Yes, I am thinking of making my own official mappack. I am going to put descriptions about the maps, mappics ofc, and other stuff including why i made certain features in the map and my own take on balance on them.

So i just want to ask what you guys feel is my best maps. I want to put in 8 maps but possibly more.

And if anyone wants to make their own mappack you could ask everyones' opinion like i have here.

Big Discussion -
Comments Go Go Go! :D
2007, 07, 06 18:11
I think you should add:
- Undying Lands
- Morris Plains
- Antioch
- Lexington (but a pimped version pls)
- Aqua Ridge
- Battle Grounds
- Thesis (but the old version or fixed bridges)
- City of old (very oldschool map)

Thats my opinion.
2007, 07, 06 18:30
Hmm I've been thinking about it too... (To make my own map pack). About 5-7 maps for me would be good.

2007, 07, 07 13:01
I think you should add Airmap Radix. It's one of your best maps.^^ Maybe add Space in Hell and SOund Barrier, dunno if you want, cuz the maps were pimped by some1 else.You should add the finished version of Aysha (think it isn't finished yet) You should make some more maps, before you make a mappack.
modified by ptar
2007, 07, 07 22:19
"I think you should add Airmap Radix. It's one of your best maps.^^"

If that wasn't a joke, I leave this site and never make maps again. That map is kinda a joke -.-
2007, 07, 07 22:29
My comment was one too ^^. But you could add it as kinda fun map.
2007, 07, 07 22:38
Below I will make comments on the maps of yours I like, I may or may not by the end have a list for your pack.

Road of ruins - please edit/pimp it, something about the layout is very attractive to me, but obviously it needs some improvement.

Rest in Ice - Not as appealing, but I still like it. It definitely has room for improvement, but idk if the final product of some Nasty pimpage would be great or not. But I still like the concept.

Shakuras - This map makes me mad. There's something really nice about the layout, and at the same time I think I would 6pool everytime just so the game wouldn't last any longer if I was zerg. There is no good way to play macroish here at all I think. This is a very harass/micro map.

I'm looking at the maps in a list from MDB -> nasty marine, listed in order of last time bumped, so it's not entirely in chronological order. There were a couple after Rest in Ice I looked at and considered commenting, and then there was like an entire page of maps you really liked at the time that are imo terrible =/
Just hit Ground Zero, I like that map. I think it'd be one of your better ones if you fixed it up (namely the middle, rofl).

I still really like Two Counties, though the word "counties" still really bothers me for some reason ;) I don't think I've ever seen that word written before I saw this map. It just looks strange to me lol.

Ok no good maps until Lexington. Looking at that map angers me. I think if you executed that concept well, it would be amazing. There's just so much that's awkward. Like you tried to correct awkwarnessed incorrectly it seems.
I don't think I'm a good enough mapper to pull off a proper edit, so I'll mention a few of the things that bother me, so you or Testbug can perfect it. SW main's formation should be horizontal, with gas on the left and the sl above the minerals. Then you'd correct the others accordingly to correct the symmetry there, ie SE is vertical with gas on top. The nats, honestly I think need a complete redo. There is nothing redeeming about them. Looking at the nats makes me think that the map is not modifiable, that a redo of the map entirely is the best solution. The lowground/highground expo system needs redone. The nat setup makes it pretty much impossible for those pockets to be good. The minerals should not block the path to the ramp. I think both ramps should be large, there's just so little mobility there. I think maybe the middle needs an 'X' in that very center, pvt looks awkward with mobility being cut off like that, the even paths of corners is a little awkward, but the lack of multiple paths for flanking in either horiz or vertical pathing makes that awkward I think. Perhaps the middle just needs redone as well. Please don't be offended in my thinking that the concept was poorly executed, I find it very ironic that NastyMarine is almost synonomous with great execution here, and this map from the jpg was loved by most, including myself before, and now that I look harder into it I see a disaster of execution almost.

I have always hated Mother Love, but I think I see potential in it now. The gas expos near the corner should be moved closer to the water near the islands, I think right next to it maybe, but outside tank range. Its formation should be altered to be more diagnal facing the middle, rather than vertical facing the mains. This should leave more room in the very corners, perhaps a low money expo could be placed there if there is room or something. The mineral only near that expo should be moved accordingly, to be in the same place proportionally to the moved expo. A bridge or something should be placed leading from the area near the main to near where the mineral only currently is, placed about right where the two solid cliff blocks of the cliff leading along the side of the current mineral only, default or slightly larger sized I would think. This is to correct a lack of mobility to the sides. The center bridge is either fine or needs to be slightly shrunken. The side paths need to be enlarged, those on the sides of the middle bridge. Perhaps reduce the rediculous cliffs behind the center mineral onlys to be thin wall, and killing the other clutter behind the mineral only, moving the mineral only back to the then thin wall. Then remove the clutter which currently is between the cliff with the ramp and the cliff which would then be thin behind the mineral only. This makes the mineral harassable as before, and adds use to the lowground of the island, making the nat slightly more harassable. The already mostly quaint mineral wall on that highground should be removed, to provide more mobility there, making the harass issue perfectly stopable if such harass was launched from both the highground and lowground. I think the rest of the island is perfectly fine, though that piece of the cliff that juts into the expo is a little awkward. All of this allows more space on those side paths, and makes sure that the mineral only no longer can get in the way of side pathing. With mobility all over the map improved, the map should be better and less linear. After these changes are made, placing some clutter between the bridge and 3rd base, the mineral only, would not hurt. And please restructure the mains/their formations^^ The only other thing that could be improved is by making a little more room for turrets or something behind the nats, right now muta kinda rapes them^^
Posting now so all of this doesn't get deleted on accident, I'll be editing the post to include comments on other maps shortly, if you see this post before I edit it please be patient :)
2007, 07, 08 07:53
Nevermind I'll just do another post.

I still love BattleGrounds (Arden's edit)

Unless inverted ice ramps are possible, I think Frozen Tundra should be dropped in your mind. Either those ice ramps need to be inverted to replicate the position of the eastern side, or the map needs to be converted to a tileset with that correct altitude set with invertable low-ramps, space perhaps? And something about the expo layout seems a bit redundant to me, idk. Perhaps some deletion/movement of some would fix that, but only worry about that if you do the conversion to space, it would be silly to update a map and leave issues :)

I like Dylarian Shipyards. I think it could be improved by moving the mineral only to being horizontal and directly above/below the mains. Then you'd make a 2nd expo in that area with gas. Then the area where the highground of that expo meets the highground of the other expo area, near the middle you could open a bit, knock down that wall, and either leave it blank or block it with neutrals, and make the ramp larger. You could then knock down part of the [nat(?)], near the middle between its narrow end and wide end or leave it island. Another thing you could do is connect the northern and southern half by making the area between the two mains a path leading to that area where you'd be knocking down a wall. Of these changes, I'd say moving the mineral only and adding an expo is the best thing, otherwise that's a pretty dead area, really wide with just a mineral only? lol. Perhaps another thing you could do is leave that mineral only area the way it is, but do the other changes to create some ground mobility. Making it more land friendly would make adding another expo possibly unncecessary.

In Undying, perhaps remove the center puddles, and increase the size of the river in the very middle, pushing the mineral onlys farther from eachother. You could also make those expos worth taking and less useless. I don't like how they're so close to eachother and useless in the first place. There's just no reason to take them, they are oflittle monetary value, and are so incredibly easy to attack/harass. There would be no reason to actually ever destroy your enemy's expo if they made it here, you could hurt them more by just killing their workers and waiting for them to replace them then killing them again, the expo is a drain lol.

Besides being ugly, Reverse PA is great. The mineral walls on the nat's backdoor is a bit odd, that was an important part of the map's gameplay.

I don't like Mystery Dope, but it reminds me of your older maps, which imo are generally better than your newer ones, but positionally imbalanced and with silly things less experienced mappers do. I think you should look at your older maps and either fix them up, or consider concepts more like them, I'm not a fan of your newer concepts. Aside from Undying, which I don't love, there aren't too many of them I really like. I want you to finish that snow map you showed me, with the compound middle and whatnot. And try to consider less awkward concepts, so many of your maps have a weird system where maybe horiz pos are fine, vert are fine, but corners is fucked, or maybe corners is the best except for being awkward from your even paths and whatnot.

As for a list for your mappack, I really don't know. I think whatever I say now would/could change very quickly if you edited some of your maps. Oh and by the way, for the most part, any map I didn't mention, I either really don't like or find rediculously either stupid or standard with nothing wrong. I think your list should include Undying, maybe Retribution since it's a 2v2 map, Two Counties, BattleGrounds 2.3. I reccomend editing the maps I mentioned earlier, in which case I would include them in the list :)
2007, 07, 08 08:29
btw why is this off-topic?^^
2007, 07, 08 08:29
i can only chose 3 nasty's maps:
-Battle Grounds (pimped)
-Reverse PA (oh god, you are damn original)
-the unfinished Mystery Dope 2.0 (you are original, did i already say that?)
2007, 07, 08 09:18
Off-Topic cuz it is kinda off-topic :)

Only three testbug??? Only three good ones worth anything?? :) its ok ty ty :)

Joel you write/type*** (:D) too goddamn much.
modified by NastyMarine
2007, 07, 21 05:07
You're welcome :)
2007, 07, 21 07:45
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