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My latest tune
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Right, just to see if there is any interest, i might just post in every forum i know. I finnished my latest tune the other day, and if things go allright i might be up for a small release on (thanks LGI), and hopefully some people can hear the music.

Im not very good in labeling music, but its 146bpm electronica with various psychadelic sounds mixed with a pretty melodic tune. Perhaps not really psitrance because of the uplifting parts in it, but still a bit more twisted than normal trance. Dont forget to turn up the volume <3 download link. Tell me if the link dies, i think its only up for a week.

>> <<
modified by Starparty
2007, 10, 18 16:30
beautiful. I like this alot. same about the other one you showed us a while back. I should set up a dl link with my stuff too i think you may like it though its mostly rap and i have a few simple techno/starcraft type beats.
2007, 10, 20 02:29
do it
2007, 10, 20 13:13
Very nice, where can i find the other one, nasty was talking about?
2007, 10, 20 17:41
Pretty nice.
2007, 10, 20 18:05
probably this:

but the link is broken. i could reupload it tomorrow.
2007, 10, 21 02:05
I guess those are the best links :)

Great job, Rebels of the Enlighted Truth!
2007, 10, 22 21:31
This file has expired.

A file link is only available for a certain number of days or a limited number of downloads, whichever occurs first. Once an uploaded file expires, it can no longer be downloaded. If you still need the file, please contact the original sender directly.

To learn more about files that have a longer expiration time, and learn about the YouSendIt service, click here!

2007, 10, 26 20:42
For a bigger Penis, click here!
2007, 10, 28 22:06
LGI wrote:

I guess those are the best links :)

Great job, Rebels of the Enlighted Truth!
2007, 10, 30 14:46
Ok I could upload some of my StarCraft type beats. Would it be cool if i uploaded it in the database here?
2007, 11, 03 23:01
you may.
2007, 11, 06 23:27
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