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Last update for (4)Reverse Temple1.0 : 2007, 03, 27 07:38
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1849 (4)Reverse Temple1.0 128*128Ragnarok[Valkyrie]0.8final

The map has been rated 78 times and got a total of 66 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Map is awful and unplayable. Awkwardly shaped mains, your production buildings are far from your ramp, the mains are small and easily tankable, everything is tankable. Pathing is god awful, my units have issues leaving the main and finding the ramp, as well as leaving the nat (mineral wall), and I think the temple in the middle is a sprite you can walk through. Mineral onlys are poorly placed like in lt; some are more cliffable than others; atleast you can't get stuck behind them. The nats are way too tight, and the openings to the nats are so easily containable. I don't think p can beat t on this map ever. Z is fine since they don't need the space, and will go for muta every time.
i second that this map is awful, i dont like it. and how can an LT-adoptation became a pro map, thats incredible. next time they will choose twin blood bath or neo hunters?
That's the most terrible map I ever saw in progaming. Worse than Arkanoid.
If they want that style, choose Requiem.
Or, to keep it on jungle, take Nazca, much better.

I too have experimented with lt conversions. Stuff like 2-player island map or exchanging the nats and the mains...

Well, when I first read the map title, I thought it was that mirrored lt version we have in the DB or something similar... Would have been WAY better.
All agree whit all of you. And you know what? This means that Koreans map maker are fucking chobos, or they do whatever someone wants for money. I don't fucking know whats their problems is but i was just thinking that map making is going trough a nice period of new and original staff, which chenage the gameplay a lot and now? THIS?! Ragnarok[Valkyrie] u fag!
and i am sure this reversed lt wasnt his invention, i think it could easily have been done by some amateur mappers years before.
Thats the way he made RoV. It's GriG's creation actually.
guess im the only one that likes it then. had some really good games on it and i didnt have pathng problems
OSL map........
modified by SalazarSlytherin
well its innovative for sure. I personally like it beside all the ranting and raving about its imbalance. as long as all the races can take advantage of the "low cliff" at the nat (like lurks, or HT storm compared to sieged tanks) then theres really no terrible imbalances. The mains could be bigger. Its not that they are mishaped. Theres lots of room to make the mains bigger, and as they are now, it disfavors T alot. A nice feature about this map is that the min onlies are placed nicely and positionally balanced for the most part (thats if u like non symmetrical maps).

personally i like it. though it prolly isnt the most original.
modified by NastyMarine
This map is lacking a concept, it's like out of your base and into a huge battlefield. Absolutely nothing that would encourage nice tactial moves and such.
The only non-macroish thing you might find is tanking the mains/nats, and some dropping.

There is so much space wasted on this map...
Hey don't rant against korean mappers. When I'm finished going through mapdori I'm going to upload the best here, some are really good. From what I've seen the average map at mapdori is better than the average map here. This map is awful, so what.
you guys fail to realize that pathing no longer matters in progaming (i mean scouting). pros will play it over and over and over and learn everything about it. there could be amazing games on any map when pros play it. it will be fine. and the terran thing is less of a problem when pros play. they find away to beat it..
lmao that's like saying there will be great games where you give the main base 5 geysers and make the map a big maze. Or giving one player 10 mineral blocks and no gas, and the other 5 blocks and 1 geyser. The idea is to make a fair map that players can adapt to, not make a map which requires massive adaptation and favours one race or positionclearly.
added a 2v2 replay
tis a pro map now. Should be changed to pro

imo its innovative enuff to get attention and its executed well. This map doesnt bother me, i like it
this map wont really play much differently than the regular lost temple.

i think its a cool map. shakes up an existing formula that works, without breaking it.
I don't understand why people say, toss cant win on this map against terran. Remember PGT-Stats on Requiuem in PvT.... Surely this map is better for Terran than Requiem, but i really don't think that t>p.
tvp: In the beginning p has easy ownage, but if p wont rush, t has easy win..
wow everyone got on the defencive stance..

cant you just look past that this guy gets promap label on everything he does and just evaluate he concept? I didnt see this flaming in the requiem thread
and i dunno if its intentional since its "reversed" temple, but his name is [Ragnarok]Valkyrie, not Ragnarok[Valkyrie] :P
lol I wrote down what was on
my thoughts on the map come from my playing on it. It's awkward as hell, the nats are terrible, pathin is messy, the mains are awkward.
nightmar, its not like saying that because if it were that imbalanced it would not be played. its fine and great games will come from it.
added another rep.
lmao, clan OD? thats like getting thrown into a garbage can
lol what's wrong with OD?
hmm I've played the map much more and I think I was incorrect in my thoughts on balance. tvp is hard as fuck early game since p can just sit goons at the top of their ramp lol

The mineral walls offer almost 0 pathing issues

What I don't like about the map is the pos imba of cliffs; SW cliff covers two mains, the NW cliff covers only one main, and the NE main has no such cliff to worry about.

The main formations have no room behind for turrets.

The mains are really awkward; um most people want their gates and factories near the exit from the main, all the base room more or less is in the back which can cause some awkward pathing issues or just be inconvenient.

The NE pit is much smaller than the other pits.

S and N main's mineral only has no pit behind it to worry about, they have their own main behind them.

The temple has too much health and is hard to kill.

The islands are gay as fuck, what's wrong with lt 2.4 island style -.-

The outside part of the middle, outside of the temple walls is really tight imo.

The nats and N/S mains are sorely lacking decoration, it almost looks like a nasty map! just kidding ;)
But nowadays if someone asks for lt I make this; it's much better imo than gay fuck lt -.- The nats are lacking pos imba (it guards the main all the same) and the mineral onlys aren't as gayly placed.
I actually like this map =/ I also liked Arkanoid. The map is fun an interesting and fun to play.
lol Arkanoid is just a hard map, idk how to play it since I don't play it much. It's almost impossible to play it with people who don't know it, and those who do know it say fuck no if I ask to make that map lol
it was odd.. i was watching mbc game video stream and they called reversetemple rebirth temple

--bG.Nightmarjoo vs bG.RCOL(1on1, 1.14p)
--bG.Nightmarjoo vs bG.Bluu(1on1, 1.14p)
--gey vs XepOMaCTeP(1on1, 1.14)
--bG.Nightmarjoo; bG.Drunk vs bG.RCOL; bG.Bluu(1on1, 1.14p)
--St0rM(ODr) vs Cherry(ODr)(1on1, 1.14p)
--fofy[gm] vs rhapsody[gm](1on1, 1.14)
--fofy[gm] vs rhapsody[gm](1on1, 1.14)

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