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Last update for (4)Niflheim1.2 : 2007, 03, 30 12:33
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1850 (4)Niflheim1.2 128*128NastyMarine & Nightmarjoo0.4beta

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 17 points

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Original Description:

"Fight in this iceland of Norse mythology. Fight well, and you may enter the upper part, of gods and  heroes. Fail, and reside with the damned for eternity."

Thanks to to Nitemjoo for giving me the oppurtunity to try to revamp this map.

I did what i could without doing any special modifications. For the min onlies, i may need to make wide ramps? As for the rest of the map, the nats are pretty secure and z's can 2 hatch and cover all the entrances. There is slight pos imbalance b/c of the ramp positioning, but its near impossible to fix (unless some1 has an idea on how i can fix it :D)

comments appreciated
modified by NastyMarine
StarEdit FTW
vortex ftw
It's not... And it's better.

Rofl Syndrome/ScoutWBF...

Tomorrow I'll start calling every map with some ruins + temple in the middle "lt clone", and every air map "dire clone".

Btw, this map has some serious problems with the ramps and accessability of ramps. Especially on the left side.
modified by spinesheath
Nasty tells me I'm wrong, but blue's nat looks like it doesn't defend the ramp as well. He says that the creep expands faster since it's tighter, but I'm not sure that makes up for the fact that the first sunk won't do anything =/
lol I love how when people called Niflheim 1.1f silent vortex clone and I told them they were dumber than half the shits I flush down my toilet everyone insisted it was silent vortex -.-

btw, nice job Nasty, I think the update definitely keeps a lot of my ideas in the original Niflheim, but improves the playability a lot.

I did however notice some issues, the distances from main to nat and from main to ramp are all different.
I know you have an aversion towards mineral blocks on islands, but since the islands are differnt distances from the mains (much closer to 1 main than the other), I think a mineral block is needed for positional balance, if not racial balance.

I like the double ramp of the mineral only, I think it provides tactical stuff and is better than 1 large ramp.

I will test this to see if I can't find any issues, spines says issues with the ramps, I'll look for that.
Compare how exposed the top left and bottom left minonlies are. There is a huge difference... (especially if it is not a terran attacking - terran will tank it anyways)
I guess no one cares about tank range hitting all the expos everywhere, from a different situation, path or drop hole. It's totaly imbalanced.
The only difference between this and vortex is that i like this. :P

No, actually i notice a good deal of difference, and i have to say i like this map a good deal. Nice job.
The only thing i would have done, and it wouldve been a pain in the ass, is make some backwards ramps because it does look a little funky. But hey still a nice map.


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