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Last update for (4)Neo Arkanoid 2.0 : 2007, 03, 29 00:42
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1851 (4)Neo Arkanoid 2.0 128*128Forgotten_0.4final

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 18 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I love arkanoid.
I hate it...


Mature Crysalis = 250 hp

Protoss Temple = 1500 hp

Xel'Naga Temple = 5000 hp

Power Generator = 800 hp
still sux
pro games on this map are still fucking sloppy. what a gay map. at least its something dif than LT style of corner maps. i want bifrost back'!
This is one of the greatest OSL maps so far. Very interesting to play and quite balanced as well.
i dont like the building-style nor here neither on cultivation period, hitchiker is ok

and because its sooo confusing on the minimap, i use it very much, but it's very chaotic with all that big lightblue spots.. ah :)

also those building are very irritating, i guess we are just conservative :)
this map is fucking hell for protoss ._.
worst scouting
worst amount of movement
Tankable for all nats
Small chokes everywhere.
Cannot fe fairly vs zerg and cannot scout early enough to see what they do.

The nats are not tankable. play the map at least ~_~
could be quite good for p too, can grab two expos easily and by forcing an air warfare who can say.. its all by adopting to the map, although i agree that scouting is hard.. without corsair.

i havent played that map much enough to say its a must-unit here, but i think that..
By the way:

This map is played with Ground units EVERY SINGLE TIME by the pros. This means Protoss goes carrier or arbiter in the late game but plays with drops and goon/zeal ground attacks.

Same goes for Terran and Zerg. Everybody plays ground on this map because if you don't, you die.
yeah, zerglings, marines or that can break the wall while you prepare your island build order.
and if you don't go with ground units... remember what happened to iloveoov's plagued valkyries?
yeah, mutalisk glave wurm kill'em all
I did play the map, and some fucker tanked it from inside that triangle box thing and attacked my nexus from afar *cry.

Stupid goliath/tank drops.
i just pointed out carriers and corsairs are VERY powerful here because the tight central areas. of course a totally air strategy could result quick defeat.
Actually, I never played on pro level, but below pro level this map has probably the highest variativity of all. Many many many possible openings, at least for toss. I've even managed to win vs opponents of my caliber opening with sairs for early scouting/drop prevention (and no, not only PvZ).
is there any tutorial of "HOW EXACTLY" can i put a sprite correctly? i mean with the HIT POINTS so players can break it to get pass.

i have done it before but don't know exactly how to do it, i just clicked on the checkboxes.
please help. i really needit :D

PD: one other thing, can i also put natural units like torrasque or something so dark archons can mind control it?
modified by testbug
yes... you can... but please for the love of god don't.

there is an article in our article database which explains how to place neutrals.

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