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My Music: NastyMarine
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Hi all. I uploaded a simple instramental beat of mine in the database (via panschk's permission ofc). The beat is techno-ish, with the intent on making it seem like a StarCraft track during gameplay. It's supposed to be for Terrans. The title is 'Race Against TIme' though the actual file is named different for categorization reasons.


Direct Link:

modified by NastyMarine
2007, 11, 07 00:15
WOW i am impressed!

Two things that i don't like.

First, the kick! It's terrible for this kind of a track. Without it i would call it a great deep AMBIENT! I really suggest you to delete it, or change it with something more fitting, maybe StarParty can help.

Second, the end. It's like unfinished... Or at least you can make it finishing slowly...

Overall, if you are able to make so deep tracks like this, i would put you in my TOP 50 :D

(Yes Top 50, because i have 150 GB of ambient music :) ).
2007, 11, 07 12:09
i dont like the kick either, but i think simply getting a better sound for it might do the trick.

btw LGI, if u like chill music:

2007, 11, 07 14:43
Love it :D

Is it yours, Starparty?
2007, 11, 07 15:15
2007, 11, 07 17:12
YOU, YOU, YOU... !!!

Damn it...

So you gonna make a new project name or add it as a last track for your upcoming album :P
2007, 11, 07 17:44
Well I'm just looking for content quality. To be honest, I'm not experienced at all in making these type of beats but it does intrigue me. But it really shows when you hear the lack of drops for this type of beat. Just a reminder, this is for gameplay and not exactly for listening but i see your points.

As for my hip hop beats, they are more intricate - beat drops, more unique melodies etc. I'll show you guys some of that too. But I won't upload anything that has nothing to do with sc here. :P

2007, 11, 07 18:00
I only have a demo of Fruity Loops so I can't save or edit any previous tracks. I can always make somethng new :)
2007, 11, 07 20:13
Crap :/
2007, 11, 07 20:15
utorrent - thepiratebay - logic5.5platinum :p
modified by Starparty
2007, 11, 08 02:15
what is that
2007, 11, 08 03:21
I guess it's:

artist - track - album
2007, 11, 08 07:10
unenlighted people :P
Logic 5.5 Platinum.exe

go get it
2007, 11, 08 14:08
i'll check it out tonight
2007, 11, 10 00:52
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