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Forum - sc2
Streaming SC2 Galacy Editor
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I'm making map(s) right now since I can't get online to play atm. If anyone wants to watch here is my stream:

oops, typoed the title
modified by SpoR
2010, 04, 23 02:33
I can't figure out how to place minerals near the edge of the map on 64x64 wtf >.<
2010, 04, 23 03:29
it's not even the edge either, its like 60% of the map that isn't the center,

When I click the pathing grid I can see it all.
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2010, 04, 23 04:02
2010, 05, 07 22:21
on topic though, charlie, its just like in the war3 editor. u must make the maps bigger than the actual play area cause since its 3d u want a part of the map to "go into the distance" insead of just chopping it off cause it looks dumb. The editors are designed that way so you need to redo it on a bigger map size and just make unbuildable "decoration" terrain on all those red areas.
2010, 05, 07 22:23
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