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possible cooperations
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Just lowering my head and trying to do everything myself (lack of patience to wait for anyone) is usually the way I approach things, but I know this will take you only that far, usually you get your shot blocked by some 7foot dude ;P

spartan suggested merging with vilegaming. 5 minutes ago, I didnt know about that site, so I could need some more information. What is that reputation Nightmarjoo was talking about?

Actually we do not know if it will be as easy as it is now to distinguish "melee" and "UMS" type of maps in starcraft2. Wouldn't it be good to have "competetive" maps, funmaps and single player campaigns all on one site? Cooperation with mapnexus/SEN? Of course that would make the construction of the database much more difficult...

Maybe we should even directly become the map section of some international starcraft2 community site like There would be a much bigger pool of occasional posters, while of course there is a risk of a dip in quality.

Post your ideas and opinions
modified by panschk[FP]
2007, 11, 03 19:47
Vilegaming had a league, similar to pgt or wgt, it was vgt. Its original purpose was to make a league for fastest/bgh players (hence the 'vile'). They have since changed it away from fastest, but I'm not aware of any subsequent success.
Spartan had approached myself and Nasty to become admins for vgt site, to help with general moderation, but more importantly to help add maps to the site. Spartan said he had wanted to possibly move the entire database of maps to vgt so more people could see the maps I guess. Both me and Nasty agreed, but then not much happened with that.
2007, 11, 03 20:11
Instead of making the whole page a sub of some other page, you could just code the database in a way that it can be accessed (view and download only) from another site as well. And of course get a big fat banner on the pages that cooperate ;)

Or somthing like that. But I don't think it would be apropriate to actually merge with anything. You would lose control and most likely not get much more attention than before.
2007, 11, 03 21:11
I'd certainly need a lot of control, that's true.

Instead of making the whole page a sub of some other page, you could just code the database in a way that it can be accessed (view and download only) from another site as well

Yeah, that would be good. I don't know how to do that ATM though.
modified by panschk[FP]
2007, 11, 03 22:00
I am sure we can get something going.
2007, 11, 03 23:05
I wrote a mail to spartan saying I'm "interested". So no decision taken or anything, but I have to admit I'm pretty impressed by the visuals and the speed of the vile gaming site. I could imagine a map section included there; We would not have to worry about forum, PM, or newsscripts, and most importantly, overall visual design, and could focus on map-related features. A domain could link directly to some /maps subsection of the main site with only map related news and stuff...

Okay that's just me daydreaming, dunno if it is what spartan even had in mind...
2007, 11, 03 23:48
I could very easily add some sort of portal page for the mapping section on VG. It could show map related news only, latest maps, top rated maps, top talked about maps, etc.. I think the idea is great, I was actually thinking about talking to the people over at Maplantis about it and just having a section on VG called Maplantis, their own forums and whatnot, just never got to it ever.
2007, 11, 04 07:36
Plus, we all know maps (melee/ums) are the lifeline of StarCraft and will be for StarCraft 2. So having a bigger maps section on the site would be a plus.
2007, 11, 04 07:36
Maplantis has its own forums, giving them some more on vilegaming would be a pure waste. People don't like having their forums split over several pages.
But again, an implementation of the maps database in some way certainly would be good.
2007, 11, 04 10:45
Well we'd be naive to say that there wont be a lot of mapping sites dedicated to sc and/or SC2. or even major existing sites if you catch my drift.
2007, 11, 04 23:33
Well, I hope we could convince at least some other sites NOT to start a mapsection of their own and instead using ours. We would have to be really good in order to make that work. Like spines said, we need to find a way to make the DB accessible without visiting or whatever it will be called. And we would have to reliable, since all the maps would be lost if we got hacked:D
2007, 11, 05 18:35
Good luck in the endeavors. Just remember my offer is always open.
2007, 11, 05 20:42
I didnt say I lost interest in the cooperation with VG, did I?

I'm just saying that it would be stupid if,, and many other new sites that will come each had their own map DB, each one being updated only sporadically, instead of one big WITH ALL THE MAPS IN THE WORLD!!11 It's obvious that a goal like this can not be reached by the few BWMN-partisans alone.

Is it good to aim that high, or should we try to re-build our little mapsupernerd-community for SC2?
2007, 11, 05 21:59
mapsupernerds for world domination!, is that one free? :p
2007, 11, 06 17:29

StarCraft Maps Database
modified by Starparty
2007, 11, 12 01:57
2007, 11, 12 18:33
I'm sorry but what is the point of all this and what will become of BWMN if the merge happens? :(
2007, 11, 13 06:58
bwmn is bwmn.

Obviously, this is not a DB for SC2-maps. I think it is preferable not to do all by ourselves.
2007, 11, 13 12:54
Pardon my ignorance but will all the maps we have made so far be playable with SC-2?
2007, 11, 18 21:58
Are the maps we made so far 3D?
2007, 11, 19 17:22
no, the maps will not be playable in SC2. Neither in Warcraft 3 or Age of Empires 3 or even in Counter Strike.
2007, 11, 19 20:39
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