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IDMapname (comments)commentsAuthorRatingTypeDownload
2863 ICCup Python 1.327 comments , last one by Gnom.
4 replays
Terrance2.0iccupMelee Obs Picture
2854 ICCup Gaia1 comments , last one by Crimson)S(hadow.
Rose.Of.Dream0.3iccupMelee Obs Picture
2855 ICCup Hwangsanbul 1.214 comments , last one by LasTCursE.
[Ragnarok]Valkyrie 0.5iccupMelee Obs Picture
2861 ICCup Monty Hall_SE2.11 comments , last one by Rush-.
Terrance1.3iccupMelee Obs Picture
2867 ICCUp UnGoro Crater1.23 comments , last one by SiaBBo.
[Ragnarok]Valkyrie0.6iccupMelee Obs Picture
2857 ICCup Loki 20011 comments , last one by starparty.
Carl Sagan-302.8iccupMelee Obs Picture
2864 ICCup Seongangil1.110 comments , last one by Rye.
dunno0.6iccupMelee Obs Picture
2870 ICCup Baekmagoji1.23 comments , last one by SiaBBo.
[Ragnarok]Valkyrie0.9iccupMelee Obs Picture
2853 ICCup Faoi5 comments , last one by ptar.
Nightmarjoo and Testbug0.5iccupMelee Obs Picture
2869 ICCup Zodiac 1010 comments
Berserk.E0.7iccupMelee Obs Picture
2868 ICCup Vampire0 comments
Berserk.E0.5iccupMelee Obs Picture
2866 ICCup Troy1.00 comments
EarthAttack0.4iccupMelee Obs Picture
2865 ICCup Tau Cross0 comments
Rose.Of.Dream0.5iccupMelee Obs Picture
2862 ICCup Peaks of Beakdu0 comments
OMAT0.9iccupMelee Obs Picture
2859 ICCup Lost_Temple0 comments
blizzard0.7iccupMelee Obs Picture
2858 ICCup Longinus0 comments
Kukulza0.6iccupMelee Obs Picture
2856 ICCup Katrina1.30 comments
str18-020.5iccupMelee Obs Picture
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