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Panschk vs LGI Best of 919 of December 2005 01:18 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

LGI 5:4 Panschk
Okay, I'm pretty exhausted now^^
LGI and me just played a complete best of nine game on a 3-map mappack.
We chose those three maps, because they are the three with best shot at MOTW this time, so this might help doing the right choice.

  • (4)Space Lotus
  • (2)Star Gates
  • (2)Chaos_Factor

    Of course(^^), it had to go over the whole nine games.

    All replays are in the replay Database, enjoy.

  • Comments:

    Yeah, really nice games, with a lot of emotions :D.

    Says I dont have permission when I try to d/l them. Also, cant you be nice and jsut make a zip of them?
    True,and i can't login from IE
    Both problems don't apply to me. Is it ok now, or does the problem still exist for you?

    I wanted to push the attention to the replay DB a bit, that's why I did not zip them. I can do it later if you want.
    I have both problems again. I can't login from IE, and i can't dl the repleys.
    Ok, the download bug was easy to fix, was a dumb mistake in the first place.

    But what's with the login problem. I really don't understand :{ It works for me, works for most of the other users and I didn`t change anything concerning the login in the past hours...
    I don't know man. I use Mozila in home, and it's fine. When i go to work i start IE, and i can't login. Then i start Mozila from work again, and it's fine again...

    Anyway back to topic.

    Soon we have to do this again. It was very fun, and there was some great games i like most of them, even if i do stupid mistakes. You did too :).
    Awesome, very nice idea guys. I'm already downloading ^^

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