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Last update for (2)Butter 1.4 : 2022, 01, 27 12:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5393 (2)Butter 1.4 otherHozzi1.6betaground

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hi, This is mapper Hozzi From South Korea.
I'm participate in NWMC2
Map name is Butter.(This is BTS song name.)
Map Concept.
Y-mirror, For mineral collection rate.
Use 11,7 o' place some hide building.
Resemble 'Ride of Valkyries'
Diversifying combat areas by pacing neutral multi-purpose
Many paths, diversifying like Vulture.
I LOVE this map!
Thank you oompapaloompa!
▶ Map Name: (2)Butter
▶ Map Version: 0.82
▶ Map Size: 112x128
▶ Map Concept: Guerrilla type, Advancing & Hiding building, Mirror-Y
(Between start base entrance 35sec)

Ver 0.8 → 0.82
-Starting base 1M(850) add (9M+1M(850)+1G)
-1st minerals revising (8M→7M)
-2,4 o' minerals revising (6M→7M)
-Some Doodats, terrian decoration add and revising (Ramps (beside bridge) are expansion.)
-Delete All Critter, KaKarus are Hallusinated
-Starting base expansion a little
-Starting base entrance reduce. (1rax 1sup)
-1st entrance add unbuilderable terrian, 1 egg
-Delete High compound Doodats.
-Only minerals beside Critters delete, change water
-Bug revising High compound Doodats are viewing on only minerals.
Ver 0.82 → 0.85
-Set same about resource collection rate.
: Both starting base
-Change lay out resource.
-7,11 oclock move near to 1st.
Ver 0.85 → 0.86
-Resource amount adjust.
-Delete Protoss temple
-Adjust terrian (6,8,10,12 oclock)
-6,12 oclock entrance 2egg add
-Some terrian, doodat add
modified by Hozzi
Ver 0.88
- Between starting base and 1st high ground → water
- 1st - Expansion& Add Overlord Search high ground.
- It can be cannon rush in 1st. It can be hide on 3rd multi(both 2,12oclock).
- Protoss temples are 3 stacks.
- Change one entrance on 6,12 oclock.
- It can be defense for 1 egg on 2,4 oclock(to starting base entrance)
- Change resource amount and lay out.
Starting 9M+1G, 1st 7M+1M(500)+1G,
2,4o' 7M+1G, 6,12o' 7M+1G(4000),
8,10o' 7M(1000)+1G(3000),
9o' 8M(1250)+1G(4000) 3o 8M(1000)+1G(3000)
- Expansion small starting base.
- Add terrian, doodats for defense on 1st front.

- 2,4o' can block each entrance with 2Pylons .(3Pylons can block when exist Protoss Temple)
- 6,12, 8,10o' can block 3Pylons.
- Rush distance(each Starting base entrance) : 34sec
modified by Hozzi

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