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MOTW 5227 of December 2005 07:33 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

The last MOTW being released this year is made by the most successful mapper this year. Again it's the swedish mapping legend Starparty who takes the cake.

His new map is from the same mold as most of his other newer creations, clearly focussing on offering very solid gameplay. In the first version it was said to be terran favoring, but starparty found a way to make the cliffs less powerful to balance the map. The map reminds a bit of gaia with a bigger middle area, and we all love Gaia don't we?
Congratulations to Starparty, let's see how many MOTW he will have next year ;)

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I still don't like the map but if you think it deserves to be MotW it's ok.
That's democracy -_-
Starpart = Mapper of the Year :D

And his is a swe! This means blond hair, blue eyes... Man of the Year ?! o_O :D


Congratilations, you diserve it!
Gaia looks cool and this map looks 20 times better than gaia but I hate both maps because the pathing. Say red attacks anywhere from 6-1 o clock, some if not all of the units are going to run into the back of your base. To prevent this you have to guide them out which is a hassle.
Think before you write! Or in this case, go make a map test, and prove your point!
And did you ever play Brood War before? You sound like you haven't...
I had such problems neither on Space lotus not on gaia yet. Might happen some time, but I don't think its a big deal
Spor, that is not true. It will only happen if you have a AI disturbing obstacle (like a neutral building or a mineral wall) in a closer path to the spot you pointed your units too. Besides from that, the only reason units would fuck up would be if you directed them to a unreachable area, like an island -or- a simple game bug, and ive never experienced such.

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