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MotW 2006.0212 of January 2006 03:57 PM
Posted by:Listoric

Very late because we were all to busy to decide as it seems, still we have a job to do and here we have the newest Map of the Week on

The creator of our newest Map of the Week, the russian mapping superstar Spitfire, , has created another great map, Valhalla, which really looks like an awesome map to me.

The map has unusual dimensions, a great use of widened ramps, a brutal count of detail, and a very strong battlefeel to it, after you have to take the center to be sure not to be overrun by a good Terran attack, somehow like Ride of Valkyries. You can easily take you natural and then be ready for a fearless macrogame. Protoss shuttles as well as Zerg Mutalisk may be "it" on this map against Terran.

To me, it looks like one of the most interesting maps in the past weeks and so deserved the wonderful title: Map of the Week.


Download: *click*
Comments: *click*

And after we are late, i'll set up the next MotW and we have to be fast to get into our normal rythm again.

Shake it baby!


If I will ever get Newswriter for BWMN I will also abuse my rights to make every map MotW.This map is definatly not the best of the submitions
True, this map is total crap as everyone can see it... at least it's on the same level as 3 other maps, and i chose it as it was the most interesting and different one of the 4 who were MotW worthy in my eyes. Also you can blame everything on me this time, after we are days late and noone liked to decide. As i understand by such high quality maps.

It wasn't easy for me as it never is, and it isn't the motw that everyone thinks it is, because there will never be a map in the future which we all think is motw. But it's definitely tied with the 4 possible motws this week, and the new competition is up, so you have to take your chance, as everyone else does.

Enough talk.

Gratulations spitfire, one of your best maps in my eyes, good job.
MOTW = clown competition
BWMN = clown site
i'm dissapointed sorry
--v mOsQ
Hypocritical cowardly vermins lol
Just search "Valhalla" word on the last MOTW-raiting. Making Valhalla MOTW - only your imho, Lisctoric.
If it's a clown site, then why do you care anyway?

Simply because you know that it isn't like that. And insulting people who have a better knowledge of the game and mapmaking than you have, which sadly is obvious, won't help you at all, sorry.

Just disappointed of your bad mannered and your bad mannered friends you brought. Just think about it.
"Just search "Valhalla" word on the last MOTW-raiting. Making Valhalla MOTW - only your imho, Lisctoric."

- Ok, first of all, you voted for Snitch! and said Valhalla is a good map also.
- Techno gave it a rating of 4 points while obsession got 5. So it seems as a good map.
- I voted for it.
- Starparty voted for it.
- LGI said it is balanced, well made, but not his personal taste (which is a very good comment from him, because he knows this map is good, but he likes more freake ones, just look at his maps ^^ really good comment, <3 LGI)

That are 3 votes, 2 good comments about it, while the only negative comment is the one of mOsQ which only pushed his map and told his firends to push his map (Techno 14 points for snitch - of course...) and ScoutWBF who just seems to dislike everyone and everything in the past weeks, because he had the bad luck that his maps was in the same competition as very strong maps.

Any more comments?
"ScoutWBF who just seems to dislike everyone and everything" Thats totaly wrong.I just hate if I lose 8[ I'm just a bit pissed in the last few days....
Chobo be manner ^^
--v mOsQ
"and told his firends to push his map"
Rofl, only 1 friend - mapmaker.
Thank you for making that tough decision Listoric.

Everyone who dislikes can leave us, no problem. Good bye.

We see ourselves as a community and have become a team, so even when we disagree on some points, we still have the same goals. Some new users seem to be all about conflicts and comparing, competition. It`s just much more fun if we work together on making custom maps popular and every single map in the DB as good as possible, instead of proving that X is a better player/mapmaker/person than Y.

I think Valhalla is really terran favored because of the short, cramped push route between water and temple, and the fact that a terran can secure 3 bases just as easily as they can secure 2 in lost temple.

i have mostly pvt in mind because this map looks horrible for that matchup. you can only build gates from one direction, because theres no other place where you could conceivably place new gates outside of your main unless you have total map control.

imo this was a pretty bad choice for the motw. obsession and memory cell were much better maps.
Hm I don't think it is a terran map. Protoss can pressure T well in early game. And remember toss can expand just as well.

I did not have the map on my list this week really, but now that it is motw I think it is a very good choice.
Yes, the Protoss is able to take their natural and mineral only expansion just as easily as a Terran can, but the fact remains that when you face against a Terran player, you need a significant amount more money than the Terran does, often generalized as 3 bases to the Terran's 2.

The problem lies within this, because on this map it is very difficult for a Protoss to defend the expansions outside of the Main/Nat/Minonly area, especially when taking into consideration that there is virtually no space for a Protoss to build a significant number of gates outside of their main to defend these expansions.

Also, the way that the map is set up invites a macro-based style of play, which means the Protoss will have to build a continous stream of units in order to keep up with the Terran, and be continously flanking: something that is incredibly hard to do with this map due to the fact that there is essentially no area in which you may build extra gateways to have new troops create flanks right away.

This map is also very cramped, especially the formation of the center, and entrance towards the "top" portion of the map.

As for an early offensive, this map would be a little bit easier than defending vs. than a no-ramp map. On top of that, if it is worse, than the other matchups will be imbalanced to a greater extent than PvT.

It definitely is hard to play here as a Protoss, that's true. It also is on Ride of Valkyrie, while you have more flanking room on RoV, you have an easier to access and secure second expansion here.

As a terran, i'd play quite safe here most of the times, getting that expansion, setting up some turets, and just play quite usual as it looks Terran friendly, and it is to some extend.

As a protoss, i know this also, and i'd take the expansion also very fast. The distance between bases are very short, that way, protoss shuttles are very worthy. You can easily outmaneuver the Terran after his base is quite huge, and he want's to defend main and natural at once.

Also the center is THE point to flank the Terran troops if they try to get your ass from there. P should take advantage from it'S shuttle and outexpand and outmaneuver the terran army.

In TvP, protoss is the weaker race on this map, but not to a point of total imbalance in my eyes. This map is a bit different and you have to adapt to it. That's somehow why i chose this as MotW, after it was something special, in my eyes.

ZvT will be more than interesting on this map in my eyes, because both races should have great possibilities. And ZvP will also be quite balanced in my eyes.

Memory Cell and Obsession are still very very hot candidates for MotW in my eyes. ANd i have to admit that i also think that these maps may be a bit more balanced than this one is, but it's still an awesome map, and small imbalances are always interesting, as long as they aren't unfair in any way.

At least, this is my opinion, and you all can blame me for chosing this MotW. I think it's definitely worth the title, and the other contestants still got the chance to keep up. No question about that.
btw, i got really a lot of things in my eyes... gosh, can'T someone send me a book with fresh frases?
Your Name
panschk is ugly
--v mOsQ
"err? there are allready a valhalla.. dont steal names omg.."

"quite similar to hall of valhalla.. bit of a ripoff imo"

" sucks...stop posting news about it"

"Yeah I think it needs a name change to prevent confusion."

"This guy has no creativity.

Valhalla --> hall of valhalla
Spitfire --> Spitfire wheels, i think that they are from World Industries skateboard company...

And, didnt you learn nothing from King of abyss and its imbalance for having the mains so close? =s This map should obviously need some testers but i seem to like it. I like maps, but im not a fan of imba maps :) "

"hall of vallhala ... why use same name...."


1) Sorry Spitfire, it's PLAGIARISM, stupid child.
2) Gozzu MOTW ^_^
--v mOsQ I don't like the way you are destroying our loveley community :(
Ow graet mOsQ, you took your time to copy paste some useless random BS comments which almost all say that it's a confusing name. Wow. Except the 13 year old (i looked up his profile...) kiddy who wrote and "FU" into my guestbook, which is obviously mOsQ or a fanboy of his. btw:

"Seems interesting. I like it when they post the map of the week so keep up the good work, it gives us new and interesting maps to discuss and think of new strategies on. Ignore flamers and people who don't even look at the picture, keep up the good work"

"Interesting map. I'll try it out soon."

"it`s interesting map i think.I`ll try it!"

"Just change the name" <- which is the only real problem of the map, if you would have an idea actually...

To Supermarine: hes not destroying anything, imo hes just showing that hes a dumb 13 year old with to much time. Just ignore his posts, i keep up with him. ;)
Listoric pls stop to defend your sucky site and the sucky motw.
8883 little stupid man ^^
--v mOsQ
Listoric, bad opitions > good opitions
This MOTW is most stupid MOTW of all.
well yes, i was just yeleaus because you create better maps than we all on this site and for that, i punished you and made the worst map in the pool motw, just to make you angry ^^

and it's not my site. :) it's just "my site".
Your Name
Looks nice!
my oppinion of the map:

map idea and implementation: not new, there are several maps in this style (in the last mapcontest i held were 3-5 maps like this). Though it is well done.

Z>P, no choke, (

T>P, Terran easily contains protoss with a fast tank push or he just plays defensive and takes 4 expansions with ease (the island between to startpoints also terran-only-expansion in this matchup because a protoss is not able to defend it against a terran but the other way round) and then starts to contain protoss mainbase. Terran only needs 3 turrets for mainbase and 2 turrets for each expansion to be 100% safe against protoss shuttle drops.

Z=T?, should be a more or less balanced matchup, but the longer a game takes the more it favours terran I think.

nothing to improve, good looking map, but seems to me better without the neutral buildings!

I think the map could be better than it seems to be. Maybe some little changes can improve much.

(2) map idea: 2
(2) balance: 4
(1) design: 1
(1) feeling: 2
(6) total: 2,5

all in all a good map but there is no way to fix the TvP imbalance without destroying the general idea I guess.


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