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MotW 2006 0501 of February 2006 01:23 PM
Posted by:Starparty

Presenting the MotW 2006.05:

(4)neo strawberries 0.4 by noname

Well since im making the newspost, i will take the liberty of choosing the map :P The fight was between this map and doing the dying this week, however i believe doing the dying is confusing since flo overkilled the tileramp concept on it.

Neo Strawberries is a 2 playermap with the little more unusual size 96(w)x128(h). It has an nearby expansion blocked of with a neutral building and a more standard natural just below the ramp. noname also used the bridge tiles (the one with stripes on them) to create a unbuildable asphalty area in the center. Overall the map feels very straightforward and with a reasonable amount of different paths you can harrass in many different ways.

If you like this map, check out its mapthread to download or post a comment on it. Also beware that this is 0.4, thus not a final version, and updates might be made on short notice. Congratulations noname: MotW 2006.05 - Neo Strawberries!

Nice look but will it have a good gameplay?We will see...

Still a good map!
well choosing just out of personal dislikes of a mapping element just shows me one thing: I'll give a shit on justice the next time in such a decision and do what I want, so as you did.
well the fact is that you have never ever taken the time to post a MotW on this site, so ill guess that will never happen.

choose your words carefully.
cool fact that this happen actually last time with nautilus. plus, i post the MOTW-news on, too.

choose your facts carefully.
oh sorry. thats 1.
actually 4 if u count, plus the one i gonna write tonight.

or, maybe just see it as "it was only one time that I decided by personal disposal the MOTW"

that would be correct then, though.
dunno how it is about your newsposts, but your counter for the personal-disposal-thing has +1 now.
im really tired of this. You didnt win this week. Deal with it. Im not gonna write this newsposts anymore, Ive got better things to do than sit around taking shit from all the ones who didnt win. Good job dude.
Cmon boys!Every newswriter picks his most liked map no matter what others say!It's like that every week and nobody of you has any skill to decide a MotW map cause it seems like Sleeping Sun is liked more than some other MotW,which shows the BWCL vote.
lol don't go for the old "don't whine if you don't win"-crap

if my only goal was winning, then I had been going for the newspost on monday or whenever.

i can deal with losing/not winning, kiddo.

I'm just kinda VERY pissed that I DID NOT decide the MOTW because of the fact that it would have been _my own vote_ which had favoured DtD and which had make it WIN then. So I did NOT go for the newspost due to manner reasons because I didn't want to let personal biased likes/dislike decide the MOTW and even with pressure from the (that has to be done) I STILL waited for another comment from panschk or spitfire, or whomever. cuz it was _you_ for strawberries and _Lis_ for DtD. which makes 1:1. If I had counted my own vote, it would have been quite selfish and that's why I did not go for this news. another vote by one of the "known ones" of this site had decided, though. cuz then I had just dropped my vote due to the personal influence.

but my honorable or noble or scared or shy or call-it-what-ever-you-wish-think-about-it-what-you-like reservation just gave way to some special guy: a guy from whose point of view it is _2:1_ and even if _my_ vote was a bit biased (it nevertheless counts as vote for MOTW), this guy just didn't give a fuck for the actual circumstance - which wasn't really hard to discover - and forced his opinion to count, like, twice.

and that is why you deserve taking shit from me now, no matter what you say. if you just fly in the face of logic and override the facts, then you hell deserve it. and as I in particular even DID NOT decide right before this due to the moral aspect, then, yeah, then I am the person who may really give a mass of shit to you.

i don't have any problems with strawberries, it is a great map. but i have a problem with your action, that's for sure. if this is your standard view of your authority on this site, namely that you alone and no one else may decide, no matter what the facts are - then i really did a good job when this has come to an end.
i am kinda in an aggressive mood, so scoutWBF:
if you ask friends on that particular board to vote your map, then it's not significant at all.

and i allege that you did this. all your behaviour aims to get SS winning something, no matter what, at all costs. this is why you wrote in every post "SS is best" "SS is liked a lot" "look those maps, i like them (while only SS got a link to a picture or download)" "SS is underrated" "all say it's best map ever" "SS is perfect" and stuff. and i am REALLY tired of this. do you see someone else bitching around in every thread with an average (good, but no more) map all the time? no? then hell, stop it.
Do you think your maps are better?If I want to play basic ground maps I ask all the guys here cause you don't like different maps anyway. You should better fix your intern amdin problems first.I mean if this won't stop BWMN will lose everything it earned and won't get it back that fast.

kids, please. All of you three.

What is this?...

First to ScoutWBF - that's the biggest bullshit you ever wrote on this page, and it's really difficult to top yourself. Really. Great, a vote shows that your map is liked more than others, that's awesome. Maybe you also state the fact that you map was the only airmap in that poll, and so it _ONLY_ shows that 10 people liked to play an airmap, while the other votes voted a for the other ~5 groudmaps which compeded in a different skillevel of mapmaking. Try to THINK before posting. And try to finally understand that SS is a good map, and nothing more. It's definetely NOT comparable to real Top Maps of this page, and in fact, far away from it. Enough said.

To Flo:
WHAT THE HELL is this? Are you totally insane or why are you attaking SPs decision? I know that you asked around for votes and that you tried not to be biased. What is definetely a noble idea. Still, the tileramps are totally overdone on DtD. It's a fact and i absolutely think the same as SP, and actually, even you should think so, it'`s obvious. You cant tell the height distances. Still, i "voted" for DtD, not because i like it best out of the maps this week, but because you said "Its DtD or Strawberries", and i said "well then i'd say DtD because of T taking killing the Min-Only and Natural in one attack". That's it.

To SP:
Why are you attacking flo and question his "skill" on whatever he talks because of MotWs he posted? Wtf? Any logic? It's like "hey look, i got a bigger penis, so shut up", great arguments, really.

Kids, shut up, and try to work together. This is taking us nowhere...
Ah, and finally.

What the fuck are you guys thinking to post this HERE, instead via PN or

Really really great.

I wont do it, but i'd delete this ridicoulus post and set it up again...

I'm TOTALLY pissed
yah, right, lis.
I DO attack this decision if it is stated with a comment la "from my point of view, strawberriers doesn't lead. but i don't like tileset ramps".
and I'd do it again and again, i don't fear any controversy. and if I think there is something misappropriate, I gonna start some.

Strawberries so far.

1) strawberries

then i say strawberries

Strawberry really looks interesting! Nice map. (lis didnt post an actual vote, neither did panschk.)

[/biased] aside, I think that strawberries is a pretty nice map as well.


Just back from our Intel ISEF.
Flo ftw.

At the moment, all in on Doing The Dying.

I cant exactly read your minds on what you vote when you cant fucking post. Seeing these arguments i didnt even count in those who we usually dont take too much notice of eiter (which would bring +3 strawberries votes). Where the

F U C K did you get your majority from?

What is this? Headoff Tourney rules? Ok, but, i don't get it really. what has it to do with the MotW here? Just curious :)
That (4)Hocus Peakus from very liked map in the first MotW, become not very liked in the second MotW, and in the third MotW, it's like even don't noticed... And this was the MotW with smallest amount of maps. The other staff is in my previews post in the "P.S.", that everyone can read again if they don't get it.
al parecer en la main de arriba no queda espacio para arrancar con los ling por atras de los minerales y en la main de abajo si ahi espacio, eso desequilibra el juego
Si, pero los ling no queda espacio abajo los minerales en la main abajo. no es espacio ingame.

just test it, units can't move below the minerals on bottom position either. it ust looks like that on the picutre, but ingame, the very last tiles on the bottom arent walkable.
LGI is just saying that Hocus is very popular on HO, and he thinks it would boost it to more popularity in the general community if it got MotW.
No... People in Headoff do not care if this map is MotW or not. They like it, and thats all they need. But the reason i want it MotW is that for the next tour (24.02.2006), they want this map to be in the map pool. And this map can be in the map pool only if it gets the MotW title! Thats the whole story...

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