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MoTW 2006.0606 of February 2006 02:23 PM
Posted by:flothefreak

We are fast this week, and we are as fast as the Map Of The Week 2006.06 is in its gameplay: It's all about the interesting concept of...

(2)Romanov Standoff1.2 by Arden(WoF)

Romanov Standoff is just as unique as its name. This 2player-spacemap mainly draws attention because of the rich and precious triple expansion island which will definetly attract every greedy player out there on the
However, it is not an island map, and thus, there will also be a lot of fighting around the standard expansions on the bottom half of the map. We are waiting for YOU fighting some battles on it, so do not hesitate!
But take care you do not get sucked into the black hole in the mapcenter!

Finally, you can drop a comment here, or just download it here to post your replays here.

Overall, the map is truly worth a try.
The expansion layout on the whole map is nothing but outstanding; and as this is combined with a pure sense of originality, Romanov Standoff is out MotW 2006.06.

My first MOTW feels pretty good =D
Truly deserved. Only just joined the site for a few weeks and already a motw. outstanding job.
yea, nice map. Congrats. I'll play another game on it sometime and post the rep.

I like the concept too, nice work.
--v mOsQ
ROFL !!!!
The most idiotic MOTW from all that I saw ! Make MOTW another map !

--v mOsQ
It's really simple, stupid and newbish map sorry. And I really hate this MOTW. Negative comments on are inevitable. Making such maps MOTW, you dishonour yourselves and the site. gg
Lol? I now clearly understand why everyone hates you mosq... For those that don;t understand bullshit, i'll translate

"I feel that this map is undeserving and I would rather it be [enter map here]. Meaning no disrespect, but this map is a bit unprofessional and lacks what is necessary to truly gain the honor of MOTW"

If you think before you talk, maybe there wouldn't be a hit out on you...
Good choice, good map.

Grats Arden.

Really nice map, and replays on it could really be interesting :)
Grats althought I don't like the map.
you don't like _any_ motw so far.
though, at least you say "grats" :P
im not that negative of a person...but sorry i hate this map.
Sure I like one MotW.ToE was a good MotW imo.
Eh, I respect that Inept. Not everyone can like it...
The sexiest center I have seen on a map so far!

Interesting map. Dunno if it's balanced since it introduces some new features, but it deserves to be played.
After playing both maps, (3)Tentacle and (2)Romanov Standoff1.2 i see that this was the better choise. The map is way more finished then (3)Tentacle . I hope trcc return soon, and fix some things. For now there is just a little thing to fix on Romanov. I point it in the map comment already.

Good choise. Good work.
simple can be better. also, I think its is the island on top that made it Motw. I like this map more than some other map of the weeks. But thats prolly cause I hate air maps.
hefty, look at (3)Open Sea for a sexier center
i hate this stupid motw ^^
Gee thanks...
symetry to the max
this site continues to make itself look bad with it's maps of the week
You say that we shouldnt chose maps before we try them, still YOU are dismissing them without trying them. That is plain hypocracy. Look yourself in the mirror before you crap out bullshit about this site.
i've seen your reps, ... you vs. listoric. that doesn't tell us anything about a map's balance, does it? seriously. unless you get good players to play these maps, it doesn't matter. no offense, but how about restricting valuing testing to people with a certain, say, pgtour high?

i never say i'm qualified to do that, either. so we sit back and theorycraft. no one is going to use those little islands. you have here a map with a slight toss advantage, just like 10 other maps made this way.

when you guys go and test these maps you do what the beta testers for broodwar did, you "try out" all the unique features. when what really matters is what happens when good players get good at a map and try to beat eachother. in a ladder few if any people will want to play this, so discard it. don't make it a motw.

there are better maps out there than 50% of your motws. you need to revise your selection process. get judges who are experts at bw and not just making maps. there are plenty out there who would do it. if they dislike a map, why do you disvalue their opinion? you scare them all away from this site.
wrong. there are not plenty out there who would do it. players come and look on a map exactly the way we do it. they dont think "hey ima learn this map and then make constructive comments on it". They just speak from looking on the jpg, and with far less experience from custom maps than we have,
i'm sorry but if ret, drone, twisted, sadist etc. looked at amap for 1 second and said it was imba they would be more likely right than you and lis no matter how many thousand times you play on it. this is common sense!
You can't say until shit until you produce a playable map yourself
(ignore one of those untils)
Mabye in your world stimey, mabye in your world.
why dont you charm up one of your pros to create a better balanced map than us then? They obviously are supposed to be better? Id gladly take the challenge.
very childish starparty and arden...

"lets go for the old why dont you make a map if your so good"

you can say things about a map from looking at it easily.
you guys do this everybody so you are just as much of a hypocrite.
inept, you didnt really read all the posts here now did you?
hey im not saying stimey is right but yea i did.
eh what? :P

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