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MOTW 1008 of March 2006 10:11 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
It was a very close decision between trcc's Conquer Fever and flothefreak's Trench Warfire. But as we can not discuss forever, somebody got to make a decision, and that is me this time;) Again it is flothefreak who comes short in a last secound decision.

Post by decafchicken:

We have reached the 10 week mark of the year 2006, and along with it another great MotW. trcc Has done it again, adding to his already vast collection of great maps. This weeks MotW is Conquer Fever, a 4 player space map.

Trcc somehow managed to squeeze 4 players onto a 96*128 size map, without making them feel cramped, and still managed to throw in some creativity. This map offers new gameplay with a min only expo inside the players main, on high ground in addition to the standard natural expansion out front. But be wary of the two bridges allowing plenty of units to come through. Beyond that, this map's middle has great flow and 4 more expansions (2 min only, 2 gas) ensuring many great games on this map. Comments can be found and made here.

Congratulations to trcc. And to flothefreak :D

Wow, i can't believe that trcc won :) .

Congratilations once again trcc, and sorry flo :( .

Btw after i play a cuple of times on this map, i have to admid that somehow i didn't feel it very "free" to play, also the buildings space with terran is a little limited.

I still haven't play flo's map, but in the end you all will know that (2)Xenomorph was the better choise :PPPPPPP~~~
gratz, thx, np

actually it would have been a bit undeliberated to make it Twarf for it's quite un-standard but not one time playtested yet
Your Name
btw, panschk: it's

Greetings anyway.
I made a newspost in russian on my clanpage ^^
Great :)

Grats trcc, nice map.
what does trench warfare mean? too lazy to look it up;)
grabenkrieg or schützengrabenkrieg or grabenkriegsführung :)
seems like a big blood bath
back from vacation, nice map, couldnt wait to see what was motw. gj trcc
Very nice map, I played a bo3 with some people on it and it were all GG !~. only the mid lower expo is just too good to hide a proxy in it.


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