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Theme Competition I08 of April 2006 02:29 PM
Posted by:flothefreak
It is time to return a favor. A few weeks ago, I launched my theme competition, demanding from the mappers of this site some maps: Maps, that represent The Last Glacier.
It took some time for me coming to a decision. At the moment I started with this contest, I was sure to solve my routerproblem in a few days with the help of a clanmate. Unfortunately, it did not work which is why I have to bring the decision so late.
Long story short, I can host games now which enabled me to play a few games on the submitted maps. Not too much, though because you have waited long enough for this newspost.
So, why did I start with "returning a favor"? You maybe guessed it. I managed to win twice Starparty's Random Map Competition, and now, I claim him the winner of Theme Competition I with this map...


His map included the bold move of making a map "top to bottom" with the players spawning in quite uneven positions. Regarding this, he really went for the glacier-shape.
Unfortunately, he used lots of blocking buildings and outpost-structures, which made me doubt if making him the winner would be right. That almost screwed the concept of the Theme Competition. Almost.
I played a few games on Trancendence and it felt great. It was a lot of fun, his incredible sense of originality paid off and made the decision clear. The big minus of the neutral buildings and the outpost did not cost him the title - partly due to the lack of real competition.

So, Trancendence showed a cool, fresh and stylish gameplay. Together with the awesome look and the original employment of the top-to-bottom-criteria, SP was able to compensate the disturbing aspects of his map.
Starparty, congratulations! You are the one to decide the tilesets of my three upcoming maps. Post your will as comment into this newspost. I am really impressed, your originality paid off. Great job.

As promised, you hereby gain a not specified, but surely large amount of honor, glory and money (money not included):

Furthermore, we must not forget the hotties announced to be in the newspost:


I bet he takes Ash,Desert and Twilight
make a map without using a tileset bitch!

dam that guy from the simpson's is so hot
Um, are you allowed to post pictures of naked women in newsposts..?
of course i am. i am chuck norris.

pic works fine for me btw...
Now it works for me again too. Well whatever :/
the pokal made my day :)
actually, i thought it's a fotomontage, but in the end, it was really just a paint picture, awesome!

Btw, i don't like Elisa Cuthbert or how she is called, but that pic is still awesome O_O

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