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MOTW 2006.2812 of July 2006 09:03 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

This is the 52nd MOTW, so it is one year we do that. One year of Map of the weeks from BWMN, I think we can be pretty proud that we always kept the feature alive, even when the motivation was low.

JK)Valkyrion grabs his secound MOTW-award with a map that was already close to winning it some weeks ago. (4)Raptor is a pretty interesting four-player map, where the choke is tightened by a neutral building that can be destroyed later in the game of course. This should make it easier for a protoss to start with a tech-strategy in a pvz, if my knowledge of SC is not completely gone:)
The temple walls in the middle could make for some nice fights for position

Mapid 1253: Raptor

Sorry, but this shouldn't have gotten MOTW until the top ramps are reversed. It's positionally imbalanced atm.
this is an insignificant imbalanced...
It's not insignificant. It's a lot harder to push from top to bottom, than from bottom to top now. Tanks will have to take a detour and zealots can run in easier if you're trying to push from the top to the bottom, whilst at the bottom tanks can go siege easily, and zealots have to take the detour. That's a SIGNIFICANT imbalance.
I want other opinions before change
Well we really know nothing until we have replays to show that kind of imba, since its a gameplay issue.

other than that congratz

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