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MOTW.37.0611 of September 2006 03:38 AM
Posted by:Nastymarine

This week's MOTW comes from yours truly NastyMarine with (5)Templar Castes.

The map doesn't boast amazing experimental features, but does have a nice feel in-game. An interesting feature in this map is it's low eco expos: 7/6/5 (mineral count among each expos 7 at main, 6 at nat, and 5 at min only). It also has an interesting "art" side to it. Designed for Protoss lovers, each main has a tribe design in the terrain, with the last tribe in the middle which harbors a few Protoss buildings to give it a real Protoss/Aiur feeling.

With a nice layout, and good execution (:P) you will find yourself playing this map again and again until u can't anymore! Enjoy!

To the map thread

thanks for voting everyone :)
Well the map is nice, but 5 players for a MotW... No thx. Now people will start submit 5/6/7/8 players maps and flood the MotW competition again whith maps who shouldn't be submited at all. I think you all forget the point of MotW and you might also forget who is looking at our MotWs, our votes, our community. Keep in mind that atm this site is very well known and HEY WE ARE FIGHTING FOR WORLD DOMINATION! :D
There only was Dirz as a 3 player map so far, so comeon, it doesn't hurt to have each maptype once. We just shouldn't overdo it ;)

Btw, in PGT CWs you play 3n3s, don't you? I think they have hunters for that... And that pro-map "full moon" is for 6 players (although you'll never see a 3n3 in any of the proleagues ;) )
So it wouldn't hurt is we one day make a decent 6/7/8 players map. But it REALLY has to be decent, so whoever reads this, don't just go submit such. I guess once we found such a map it will become clear in it's map thread ;)
You know, i've just write and delete a huge page/comment.

Everyone do whatever you want, have fun and no goals...

To be honest everything that i am doing here is fun, but since i am a part of the admins here and i am also part of the admin list in other sites, i somehow present BWMN and i feel that is my duty to have a higher class here in BWMN.

Nasty got the same rights everywhere that i have, even more then me. And to be honest many of his actions are making me sad, really...
Now do I have to understand this?

Just because a 4+ map is out of the norm, it does NOT mean that it can't be a good map. You are pretty narrow minded...

And I haven't seen a 4+ map on this page that I'd even give a single point in a MOTW competition, including this map. Imo it IS possible to create good 4+ maps, but it is VERY hard.
My first words in my first post is "Nice map". It's a good map indeed. If you still haven't seen good 4+ maps in this site, just search for 4+ only maps and you will find some.

Anyway you don't get the point of all this. This not about good maps/bad maps. It's about the MotW "rules" or whatever you want call it. Don't get me wrong they are none spesific rules here, but the MotW competition is our only event that goes beyond BWMN borders. So we have to keep it on a really high level.

Before here were able to find more competitions. Not only MotW. But now few of the mappers here have the time to do this. So if there was a 4+ competition atm. This map would be a very good choise if you search balance in it and well designed.

P.S. I am very far from the narrow minded state that you give me, believe me.
It's not that I haven't seen any good 4+ maps. I just never saw an 4+ map that I'd want to be MotW. And if there is a map that REALLY is great, we should reveal it to the community as a MotW, no matter if it is for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8 players. Well, 1 player could become a little boring on melee...
At least this is what I consider the MotW competition to be for: To show the best maps we have in stock to the community.
bullshit that this became MOTW, it was in 4th place for votes
nothing of special, lt style...I'am disappointed for this motw...
Did ANYONE consider that a vote for your own map always is only 1 point?

I don't like that much either, but that way it'd be Electrical Sector: 9
Templar Castes: 8
Royale with Cheese: 8
Frozen Tundra: 8

Why does the creator write the news by the way?I'm for deleting the news and making Royal the MotW.Better choice :3
In case of uncertainty (that's an ugly word...), (2)gas_issue!!!!
Nastymarine did the effort of posting the news, that alone earns him MOTW honors;)

I do not see what's wrong with 5 player maps as motws, ppl should not act as if it was the end of the world when a map they dislike gets motw.

I certainly like the fact that I do not need to do the news everytime ;)
LGI ur right that it would be better to have a 4/5+ player map comp, but there arent enough mappers here that submit decent maps with those amounts of players. So its not wise to do so.

also, if the map is executed good enough to earn a spot as motw, why forbid it to gain a spot?

and i really dont understand what i am doing to make u get pissed/sad?
because it was in 4th place in votes. what the hell is the point of voting then?
no it wasnt.. it won

im not trying to throw my wieght around but to be honest, i didnt think there were good enuff maps to be motw, so i decided to give my map 3 pts. idk how any1 else could honestly say there was any.
was any other good enuff maps to contend***
why everytime i get a MOTW there is a problem?
even with your map 3 pts it still lost rofl..
i dont see how
actually the winner is (2)Frozen Tundra if u want me to change the news (not counting scoutwbf since he voted after my newspost which shouldnt count)

so if u want, i will change it
no. frozen tundra has 8 votes, templar has 8-9

11 Frozen Tundra
10 Royale With Cheese
10 Templar Castes
7 Electrical Sector

GG no re, stop being an idiot lnept please. I just counted the votes twice.

Again, does any1 want me to redo the news?

in my opinion, i feel TC > FT .. b/c as flo mentioned in FT's thread awhile back, the mains are a bit small, and i agree. atm, i choose TC > FT
3 pts -Aiurz
3pts - Antares
2pts- lao-artanis
2-3 pts -syndrome (didnt clarify)
1 pts - no pants republic

12-13 pts without me voting for electrical sector
syndrome didnt officially vote, u cant count that at all.

i just counted it a third time lnept, please dont argue with me.. those points are the final ones.
ok electrical sector has 9 points total

still not MOTW okay? i dont mean to be rude but this is ridiculous
w/e im not the only one that hates this the comments
ok ill make sure to be a complete asshole and vote for my map and give it 3 pts becuz "the other parts arent up to par"
OK ill make sure i'll try my hardest to be a hotshot and complain i didnt vote for my own map after my map doesnt win MOTW.. PLEASE KEEP COMPLAINING .. if u had remembered vote for ur map u would have had MOTW this week u didnt tho.. so please just resubmit and see what happens
god your an idiot you prove your arrogancy just by that post. you really think i wanted it to become MOTW , when i didnt even vote for it? i wrote in the fuckin thing im working on dropspots and stuff still jesus you prick
okay lnept
Hmm. It's an okey map imo. Nothing outstanding, except that it's 5 players.

Anyway, if you ask me, it's the best map out of the ones this week. FT is quite cool too, but i dislike the expansionlayout on FT.

ES just isn't motw quality imo.

RwC is good, but i'd say it offers nothing new and has quite a few unused spots. So, i'd go with that MotW tbh.

Well, but that's just me.
Ah, and as every week, don't forget to make it motw in the maps-admin menu ;)
All I can say to this news is: WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
This was motw in 2005 apparently... From the looks of it, it wasn't so what happened the the motw for 2005?
Actually they're both there the real motw 37 from 2005 is there as well...
wow ur right, how the hell did that happen

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