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MOTW.41.0613 of October 2006 06:48 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Ok guys, this is my first news post, so bare with me :)

This week's Map of the Week is Antares' Montsegur. This is a well made experimental map. It's main experimental factor is that the natural expansion is on a cliff across a valley from the main base. This is unlike other maps also in that that canyon between the main and nat is rocky, unbuildable. So a zerg cannot as easily 3hatch to defend both main and nat. The main and nat cliff have a ramp choke, and the nat has another wide entrance. Now you might see that as ungodly unfair for zerg, but next to the main's ramp is a geyser with 2500 gas (half the normal amount) to make up for that. Not only that there is an island of sorts which can be reached by mining out the 56 mineral wall seperating it from the main, and the three 8 mineral each blocks inside the expo to prevent terran from landing a command center there for an easily takeable island which the other races couldn't take. Of course all races could lift some units over this mineral wall, mine it out, and obtain a nice island expo near the main, but that's up to them.

This map is decorated very well and makes good (and liberal) use of special ramps you cannot make in staredit, the default map editor. There are good inverted ramps here, as well as a nicely blended large jungle ramp (let's hope he blended it well, or our units could be hit from high ground on a visually lower spot :O ) The center expansion is on highground, with the dirt behind it on low ground (=not as much pwnage from behind). The map has many other nice features, but you will have to find those out on your own.

Antares gives some historical background on the map name in the thread: "As fry mentioned above, it is the title of an iron maiden song (which i really like :P), but the origin of the mapname was a bit different. I like medieval and i learned a lot about its life. In the 12th century in south-france (provence, languedoc, gascogne) a new catholic neologism appeared. They want to purify the church and return to the basics of christianity. They were the katars. As this neologism spread fast in the mediterraneum in 1208 AD the pope designated this heresy and start a crusade on them. The then French kings were trying to get a real power in france, because they lack of it. Philippe Agosta (oh idk international name) and the other French kings used this situation to crush the power of the south and claim the heretics' lands. And this is exactly what happened. So the katars were destroyed, the neologism was banned and abandoned. Their last castle was Montségur, which was under siege for a whole year. There was no surrender, they didnt give up their belief. When the katars finally fell, all of them were executed in a brutal way. So Montségur became the symbol of devotion and insistence" (Antares).

Download melee here
and obs here

Here's the map thread

please comment on the news thing, as it is my first!
holy crap thats a lot of explination lol :D

great post ;) (bit late, but at least someone did it :P )
well i have my internet reset again, so i am only able to comment it now:

first of all thy for made it motw

the center expansion is yeah on highground and there are no low jungle spots in the high jungle which starts from the ruins (you could see map gmcs, i marked it)
gg congratz

map plays well.
newspost at finished
and i am bulgarian again :D

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