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20 of October 2006 10:43 PM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
Nevermind, and sorry for the wasted space here.

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On the homepage the right column is fucked up.
gg to the newspost
yep, right column starts at the height of the second news, and the top bar where the newest maps, replays etc are listed goes straight to the right border of the page.
im confused about this. it seems if you are the only leader of bwmn and in my opinion these senteces are too ignorant to other admins and arrogant to users
Make me the new admin and you will only have my maps for MotW.I think that's a good solution to all our problems!
I am an admin on bwm, I share the same amount of power as the other admins. If they don't share my thoughts that people who are voting for motw should actually give input instead of just vote (this eliminates nasty man's breasts from voting and other spam accounts) then they can say so and my system will not exist. Admins I do want your opinions on this. I am not the leader of bwm. If anyone is the 'leader' it is panschk. I will bow before his voice, and am open to all the admins as well. Non admins, feel free to voice your concerns. I am asking for input from all the bwm members.
gg to the newspost

I am confused, do you support this or think it should be deleted?
By the way, the only way I can enforce this at all is by me being the one to post motw. Again, the admins can trump me if they so desire.
who do you think you are man? I don't like how you behave like the Kim Jong-Il of BWMN :/

Stuff like that really is no newspost-material, I'm pretty positive you know that too---
i agree with your newspost how we need more quality reasoning etc, but i dont agree that it should be a newspost. u've made a number of disorganized posts recently and this adds towards it. Something like this should be a sticky topic in a main forum, but not a newspost.

i do support panschk on that.
k I'll back off. I'll let things be the way they are.
You name
hey bitch i want a motw plz

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