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BWM Weekly Tourny, October 22nd23 of October 2006 03:00 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
Ok we had an 8 player double elimination bo3 with bo5 finals. The maps were advent, naz(i)ca, curtain call, and undying lands. As usual there were complaints about the maps. Please post comments here. I will try and gather the reps for one rep pack instead of a bunch of reps on the tourny site. The winner was GRC-Deathlink, author of Nazca. The second place person was lnept. This was a really long tourny, organized completely by Nightmarjoo, because all the other admins didn't show up.

Congratulations to Deathlink for his win, and praised be Nightmarjoo who ran the whole thing. And amid some confusion with the brackets, the tournament was a nice one.

Next week's tourny will be using the maps: (2)Zerg Canyon, (2)Bulle Baiikon, (4)Garden Of Aiur, and (2)Rocket

heres a comment: i got raped in the finals :[
lol idk I thought you losing to 1hatch mutas in advent was pretty fucking funny. In your last game us obs were like wtf what happened, lnept was dominating the whole game. Deathlink played turtle zerg there^^
3 2-player maps.Should be interesting.
was nice tourney, although i need more practice
sorry i couldnt make it, i was at wcg :/

how did undying lands play?
What program do u guys use when u make maps?
some people hated it, some people liked it.

one problem was that zerg can expo to nat normally, which is easy 2 gas mass mutas, which was hard to stop the zerg from taking map control, especially if your terran
I only played 2 ZvTs on Undying Lands, but it plays nicely from what I saw. However, I still think the mineral wall needs a bit of an adjustment, so units can enter and leave the mains easier (I was clicking my lurkers 5000 times to get pass the wall) :P

I don't think 2 hatch muta is a problem as Inept says, the nat expo requires many sunkens to defend adequately in ZvT, so its not as easy as many think.
PM me anytime you want to play, or msg me on europe, my acc is NameTaken.
yea im going to shorten the amount of the smaller minerals to like 60s or 50s. and the distances are so long that its not that hard to defend the nat. u could easily scout a force approaching and morph the sunkens
Please upload replay pack from tournament!
Yes yes, I'd like to see the games on curtain call O_O.
you should clearly write somewhere the beginning of the tourney.. last week two hungarian guy would also participate, but no one was there so a TIME NEEDED :)
actually it was good they didnt show up :p we ended up having just the right amount
How long til the rep pack will be set up? I'm leavin Oct 31st O_O.
When will the tour start on 29th october?

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