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Artic Cityscape26 of October 2006 02:58 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
Ok Nightmarjoo's birthday is the 7th of November, which was the deadline for entering maps, it is not the deadline now though.

I made this competition first and foremost to encourage competetive mapping, and I think that always results in nice maps being made. Let's see your best maps here.

Ok, the requirements:
  • Must be snow
  • well decorated (terrain and doodads)
  • Have 2,3 or 4 players
  • The maps can be 128x96, 128x128, or 96x128
  • The maps must have a nice balance of open and tight areas, ie: not Vampire
  • The maps may incorporate a neutral city; doodads and buildings can be used, as well as civillians. This could be a way to tighten an open middle to help that balance. This part is not required, but would be interesting to have. If doing this, make sure units don't act retarded around the city. The city is intended to be destroyable.
  • Obs versions are required if it's a 2 player map. Obs versions would be nice to have with the other maps too.
  • I would be really happy if you incorporate something about happy birthday in the map :)
  • For the overall feel, think snowy cityscape. This means use compound. For example, you could have a fairly tight neutral city in the middle with compound walls dividing the middle from the not so middle, with more open sides for expos and moving.
  • Maps with the gas issue will be removed from the competition immediately. Such maps can reenter once the issue is fixed.
  • I would apreciate it if you worried about wandering (see Antrax edge for what wandering is), but this is not required.
  • The maps must have nice mineral formations for the mains where a split is easy, and workers don't go around minerals and do stupid things like that.
  • Pay attention that the nat is not in the way of the main. Make sure there is enough room in the mains for building. I don't want small main/huge nat concept here.
  • Be concientious to all races. I would rather you allowed an early expo which defended the main too, but this is not a requirement.

    Good luck and have fun. There is plenty of time to make these maps. I will be making the final decision, but I will consider the vote's winner too. I encourage people to vote on the maps after the 21st, because it shows what your fellow mappers think of your maps. For making a map, if you have any concepts you would like to use for the map which either violates the requirements, or you are unsure about the requirements, please leave a comment here or pm me.

    The deadline is the 21st now. This competition has nothing to do with joo's birthday, but he would still be very happy if someone put a happybirthday thing in :)
  • Comments:

    When you say no gas issue, is that just referring to mains? Can naturals have gas issue?
    >< are we in too nightmare> cause ur my partner :P
    Srry, this is probably a noob question, but I've never done one of these competitions before. Are we allowed to post our maps and get help on them before submitting?
    yeah sure
    @5pool not sure what you mean, this isn't necessarily a copartner thing, although I am fine with 2 or so people making 1 map for this. I don't know how much time I will have to be on the internet anyway, so copartnering with me is a bad idea until my parents give me back my internet ><
    King of 8 plr Maps
    Why you doing a compitition around your birthday? and forcing people to give you a present and restricting them. Why not just do a christmas map compitition or snow theme map and not have this silly map compitition, your not more important to floth or anybody here.
    Fuck you. Why would I make a Christmas competition? What the fuck makes you think I celebrate Christmas?

    "...ignore the birthday thing if you want. I made this competition first and foremost to encourage competetive mapping, and I think that always results in nice maps being made" asshole.

    I am not forcing someone to give me a present. I don't care about the present. It is certainly nice though to get a present, but I already said the present comes second to the actual competition. My birthday just is a goodly timed deadline which gave plenty of time. I was going to make this competition anyway, but I was waiting for a reply from an admin as to whether or not I could host a competition. I obtained an ok from ex admin nastymarine and made it. I decided to make the deadline the 7th because that day is important to me and gives plenty of time. As for the restrictions, it's not much of a competition without restrictions.
    well i dont care whats the name of the co, but the aim of it and i will just win it :P
    exactly! :)

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