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MOTW 47 200611 of December 2006 10:07 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

Okay this MOTW is almost a month late, but the majority of the users wants MOTW to go on even though it is not as active as it once was. Due to the delay, MOTW 48, 49 and 50 will be left out. Next MOTW competition will be MOTW 51.
We will have two weeks for this one, one week for submitting and testing, one for discussion, even more testing and votes. Thanks to GRC-Deathlink for this proposal on how to improve the quality.

Now let's talk about the current MOTW:
In a week one could name "twilight week" and that was really more like three weeks actually, it became a dogfight between noname's panda0.3 and trcc's Trouble Instinct. With 4 votes to 3, Trouble Instinct wins this epic battle for the incredibly important forty-seventh map of the week title this year. While the fact that it has no observer-version is somewhat disappointing to me, it surely is a beautiful map with a lot of resources on it. Yeah, a lot. Satterchasm-like. So the perfect map for huge macro-battles I suppose.

Trouble Instinct

What a week that was ;-)

We have a MotW?! ZOMG! :D
im fine with this map. just cant see a zerg surviving a solid m/m rush or a terran surviving a solid 3/4 gate bulldog
yeah this week was 21 days :)
congratz trcc. Teal's main still needs to be made a tad bigger tho.
where do you build?
A dogfight between panda and this? Since when?
but congradulations trcc anyway
trcc has such a unique style, i just saw the pic and thought "trcc... again :P" ^^
yea very natural and crazy good execution

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