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Last update for (4)Trouble Instinct : 2007, 01, 28 22:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1045 (4)Trouble Instinct 128*128trcc0.4final

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 26 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hmm i iuno what i've been taking when i made this map, but it's kinda out of my type of map making..


Pretty nice design, gaia like.

Natural is very open, at least something "new".

Dunno if it will play smooth, It looks pretty cramped here and there, so I doubt it. If it does, this map is pretty cool.
I'm not so sure about the middle expo, i could remove them and would make the map less cramped in middle.

I put crevice all the way around the mineral only, since the path is smaller, and dont wanna terran abuse of it using turtling strategy, is having the natural open a good thing, or you suggest me to reduce a bit maybe the choke leading to middle?
first thing i thought of was the old paranoid android where there was an island in the top right corner. then it kept dling and i saw the rest of the map. a lot different^^

anyway i see that the expos are unbalanced. teals is the easiest to defend with the gas nodeblocking a good portion of the path, the other 2 are good, and blues is really bad.

even if it isnt one of your best maps in other peoples eyes
it is my favorite of yours so far
yea, i had some problems with teals nat because it wasnt covering as much the ramp as the 3 others, so i had to set up like this

because if i dont let a space between geyser and mineral, units AI will be fucked up, if you have any other idea on how to fix this, gogogo
Bah, i hate rush hour style nat's in zvt :/
yea i was thinking more 2v2 for this map
--v mOsQ
Don't like this expand style (rush hour).
It's very hard for zerg + P>T on this map => imbalance -.-
Hey where is the time when we type comments about the expnad placement? "Your nat hatchery should cover the ramp" or "should be in covering the path to your main" and staff like this. I don't see this on many maps now, espacially on trcc's maps. His last two (i didn't check his latest 3 maps, so i skip N 3). I think this is a big part in PvZ, TvZ, etc... Espacially on this map, because the map nat is very open, and T player or P player can skip very easyly the sunks on the expand.

Also red and blue bases are a little bigger then the others. The map center looks a little empty. I would add more buildable space around the min only because they are very close to each other, and they are again very open, so players will need more "defence walls"(supply, gates...), and defence buildings to protect the expands.
trcc, make teals base bigger. That base is the only uncomfortable one. Ill place gmcs where u should expand the main.

also move the minerals at least one grid space away from the edge of the map.

this is motw 48 for sure if u do that.
But the nat is way to exposed, what about changes concerning nats? reduce the space between the nat and the water? tighten the side path entrances?
im not sure what you wanna keep and what is replaceable.. name some things u'd liek to do or could do.
Sick ass map, but the name sucks really bad.
It would be nice if you make obz version for a MotW.
I'll make an obs.
Today we use this map in a tourney... Really... This map shouldn't be a MotW.

T>Z if zerg doesn't make 7-8 sunks...

Z>P if P goes on FE, pretty easy z can attack whit lings from both sides.

Simply the nat is too open. Also the bottom natural for 6 o'clock player is not placed very well, the gas is on the way and fucks up path finding when you have working expand there.
LGI many maps shouldn't be held high out of the many at bwm, but they are simply maps of the week, maybe not of this week though :)
i think the point of the nats were to make it hard to secure. That is the focus in my eyes at least. with proper scouting, its not hard to know which side to defend. I dont see the problem with the map. If you dont like a map b/c the nat is hard to defend then, im sorry, but ur ridiculous.

Now on the other hand, i'd like to see the reps that provide how hard it is to defend the nats. If the players are nub or made a micro mistake and lost without the "problem" of the nat's layout etc then ur post is just nothing.
This post is not displayed due to its content
lgi, its not that hard to scout if a player is using the alternate path.. a simple peon placed at the end of the passage = eZ. its not hard to place sunks at both ends. just dont morph them all the way until u know there is a threat at the other end.

"Well the players weren't noob as you, and use their brain like you didn't.."

gg to that. What does that prove? if they arent as nub as me then why didnt they try what i just said? its a simple technique and not hard to do. obviously you got the nub part wrong. btw when dont i use my brain? where are you getting this from man? I dont understand why your such an asshole.
This post is not displayed due to its content
it is hard to understand for me how this map become motw.mains with different sizes,and boah,those very hard to defend expos(except the island ones).

maybe for 2v2 a choice
modified by Grief_Stricken
"hard to defend expoes" don't make a map bad, as long as it creates equal hardship for all players.

Also, there is a difference between absolute main size and effective main size. A badly shaped main can be huge but you can't use it. If you consider this, the main sizes are not perfect, but no really huge differences.
really wanna tell me you cant see a substatial diference between red(big) and teal(small).if not ask someone else


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