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United Tournament 04 FINISHED17 of December 2006 07:50 PM
Posted by:LGI
United Tournament 04

Date: 17.12.2006
Start: 21:00 CET (plz come 15 minutes earyler, so we can start at 21:00 CET)
Place: Europe, channel UNTour
Type: Best of three, loser picks from the map pack. The picks can't be the same if a map is played already.
Max players: 16
Prize: First - 3 points, Second - two points, Third - one point :)
Rules: Just be mannerd and don't use gay tricks/bugs which we all know from the rules of other tournaments.


Round 1: (4)Chain-saw 1.1 by MillenniumArmy
Round 2: (2)New Chaos Factor by flothefreak
Round 3: (4)Spirallianz II by LGI
Round 4: (3)Tengu Premissis by TKTKVROOM

Link for registration -

Once again DeA[LighT] (aka GRC-DeathLink) take the first spot. It's his third win in a row which makes him a total leader in points. Second was me, maybe because the tournament was only four players... And third spot for Nightmarjoo[BA].

Here is some information about the players and their points after four tournamnets:

1. DeA[LighT] - 9 points
2. LostTampon - 4 points
3. Inept - 3 points
4. LGI, Chus[S.A] - 2 points
5. Maxsimal[S.A], Kobalt, Nightmarjoo[BA], artanis - 1 point

Anyway i was hoping that the new MotW system might motivate you to be more active on this tournament, but what can i say... I guess you don't care about everything, but you like to talk prety much, eh? Nevermind...

Next two weeks i think it's better to skip the tournament couse it's X-mass and New years eve. I bet most of you will be somewhere on holiday or on a family gathering, so see you all next year! Wish you luck and happy holidays.

I've just read the MotW 51, so i will change the maps.
args, i think i will come later again :/
Round 1: (4)Chain-saw 1.1 by MillenniumArmy - 6 votes
Round 2: (2)New Chaos Factor by flothefreak - 5 votes
Round 3: (4)Spirallianz II by LGI - 3 votes
Round 4: (3)Tengu Premissis by TKTKVROOM - 3 votes

As the last vote from Nightj in the MotW

I have problems whit getting into Europe so i might late a little.
Sorry my internet is really bad, i hardly logged here to write. I am sorry but i can't logged in the BWMN Tourney site and make brackets. I can't even log in Europe... I am sorry.
Well I think we should test the maps on a daily basis, like at around 20-21 CET every day. Whoever has the time and wants to help us out can come to the channel and play with us.
Sure i think many players/mappers want it to do that, but still it's hard to find each other...
Also pls add replays... To have the full rep pack we need 6 replays more:

3 games DeA[LighT] vs Nightmarjoo[BA]
3 games Nightmarjoo[BA] vs wut)gallilei
I can't come at 21:00 cause I have to play 1v1 and 2v2 BWCL. this sometimes goes till 21:00 and I need a break after that.
same problem here :/ had to manage 2 cws in a row, sry
i have the games nighty vs gali
i will send them to you via ICQ if that is OK for you
Sure. Or you can

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