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MOTW 7.200728 of March 2007 06:06 AM
Posted by:Arden(WoF)

We have a Veteran in the spotlight this week. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the one, the only, NastyMarine! Nasty claims two MOTWs in a row, which is tough to accomplish when there are so many talented BW mappers to compete with. I'd like to take a step back and remember the young, fresh NastyMarine. A time reminiscent of maps such as (2)No-Mans Land and (2)Valley of Death. He has improved so much since, that one might mistake him for an entirely new mapper. He continually pumps out (at an impressive rate) fresh new ideas, and implements them at a professional level. He has certainly made a positive impact on this site...

Now, without further adue, here is our most recent MOTW winner:

(4)AquaRidge is one of Nasty's more recent pieces. This map claims its fame from the unique separation of the natural expansion from the main base choke. A skillful extension and manipulation of the badlands bridges provides a creative approach to what would otherwise be a somewhat standard layout. Combining an interesting concept with a balanced, flowing layout seems to be one of Nasty's many talents, and he pulled it off quite well with (4)AquaRidge. With support from the BWMN community and attention from BW gamers, I'm sure that this map will see its fair share of action on

Download Melee Version *** Upload Your Replays

*Holds up big foam finger* - Nasty is #1 !!
"/me blushes"
When i click on the pic, it sends me to Neo Volcanis... ~~
you kick ass nasty
make my kids
congratulations nasty
thx all. - fixed newspost
Lmao... Well, I made the post at 12:30 ish, so you can understand that I was tired... =P.

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