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MOTM-11 200710 of December 2007 05:44 PM
Posted by:Lancet

This MOTM was a race between 3 maps, Seven Sins by Tesbug, Frosty Fortress by Flo and Morris Plains by Nasty. At several times during the voting the switching of votes placed one ahead of the other. These 3 were clearly the top maps and the admins picked MOTM among them. Ladies and gentleman, this is a historic occasion for Broodwarmaps, we present to you our first ever 7 player MOTM, Seven Sins!

Seven Sins is a 128x128 seven player map intended for FFA or team play. It is not intended for 1 vs 1 games as it has the potential for positional imbalances although it is still fun to play then as a challenge. Each position is quite different with unique advantages and vulnerabilities to exploit: high ground mains, low ground mains, in-base nats, nats with two chokes, mains with 2 chokes, island expos, expos with 2 chokes, expos with entrances blocked by neutrals, you name it, and all made with Testbug's characteristic artistic flair. This map was exciting enough to be chosen by the folks of as the map to be played on their "Fun Night". Congratulations testbug, but be careful, winning MOTM can become addictive!

Read the map thread here, obtain the map here.

The second place goes to Frosty Fortress made by Flothefreak.

This map that had already won second place in the past MOTM still has enough "oomph" to put up a fight. As has been remarked before this is a 128x64 map that blends a macro-map expo layout with a micro-map design. Do not be misled by the 6 gas expos and 2 minonlies into thinking you can "take it easy" here, the short main to main distance makes the margin for error very small creating intense battles that test your skill at micromanaging units. There is some concern that the map may have some degree of race imbalance but the map concept and its execution make the second of our top 3.

Read the map thread here, obtain the map here.

And last but not least, the third place goes to Morris Plains by Nastymarine.

This beautifully laid out map has low ground mains connected to a high ground gas nat from which two ramps, left and right, lead down to the battlefield. One is a large wide open ramp, which promotes a "ramp-to-ramp" gameplay that will proceed in a diagonal fashion across the wide middle. The other is a small ramp blocked by low-value minerals. The "unblocking" of this smaller ramp has the potential to dramatically change the flow of the battle as a player can gain quick access to the "other" side of the battlefield allowing vertical gameplay or, alternatively, a foe can gain quick access to the opponent's main. The two high-ground side corridors lend themselves to "circle-and -attack-from-the-rear" strategies and also make the expo down from the larger ramp more vulnerable. This map received third place due to some balance concerns but it was the map that at the end received the most votes so it ended clearly as the most popular among our voters.

Read the map thread here, obtain the map here.

And that is all. Congratulations Testbug, Flo and Nasty and also thanks to everyone else who participated and voted in this competition!


This stupid flu has me all stuffed up plus I got some rather nice infections in both eyes. In the past few days I've been on antibiotics and anti-histamines. If I made some mistake or if you feel that whatever I wrote can be improved go ahead and change it, thanks.
congratz Testbug. Some one must dethrone thee.

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