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Proleague Update - April 01 200801 2008f April 2008 07:41 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
I'm proud to announce that part of the delay of the start of next season's MSL until late april/early may is due to in addition to adding the maps already released (See this thread) three maps will also be added to the mappool!

Arguably the best of these maps going into the MSL we have: Flothefreak's "Best Concept Plus Gameplay And League Map Ever, No Better Map Out There", also known as BCPGALMENBMOT, or known affectionately as PEE (Perfectus et Exactus (perfect and demanded)). The map's concept is of course brilliant, the simple layout makes battle strategy more important than simple positioning. The high monetary value of every base ensures quick macro, ensuring stunning back and forth gameplay. Players will find themselves in a constant battle/regroup and rally state, with the openness of the map preventing any turtling. The numerous mineral blocks of course somewhat weakens zerg, but all this does is force more spell-use on zerg's part, creating more exciting games. This also deters protoss and terran from comitting suicide around the world by preventing Jaedong from being Savior2 this coming year(s). The simple expo layout prevents messy games of running back and forth to hide, save, or attack an expo; it further encourages largescale battles between armies in the middle, rather than army vs base defense (and boy, can you afford base defense with all the money!). Positional VARIETY allows the map to never be dull, by forcing players to react to slight differences in each matchup. You'll never see the same game twice! Flo was smart in making the map look like shit: the decoration won't distract players from playing at all.
I could go on and on forever about this amazing map, but I will stop here so I can talk about the exceptional (if inferior) other maps which herald bwm in korea!

Seemingly a blast from the past, we have ScoutWBF's LoliCat Spielplatz (which I believe means something on the lines of, young and erotic cat-girl playground)! The map is incredibly unique: It's a map which normally would be fairly unstandard without any experimental features, a completely air map which requires the mass use of both air units and drops throughout the game, but then further pushes the use of air units over drops by covering the mains in permament disruption webs! This means that you cannot rush a drop onto your opponent's main, you must go straight into air units to apply early pressure! The expos do not (yet) have disruption webs, leaving drops still useful and required on the map. Positional VARIETY further ensures interesting games, just as in flo's PEE. The map having three starting locations rather than the standar 2 or 4 creates a great advantage for players to seize and fight over, a third main! With its intense air vs air combat, zerg air-map balance through preventing drop rushing, and without over helping zerg by giving a free expansion. The ability of terran to expo by lifting off a cc only further helps balance, zerg muta micro has been so perfected that no terran could possibly win a game without this advantage, and only flash can beat the top protoss users currently, so this merely gives an advantage to terran, but one easily countered with protoss' superior air units. Great balance, great gameplay, unique concept, layout, and setup: a perfect map! Only Scout could make such a masterpiece, and his inability to make a map pretty is counter-balanced by the fact that it's impossible to make an ash map pretty!

Last and sadly least (not the map or mapper's fault, you just can't beat the other two maps with a stick!), we have Lancet's Nekromantik! Anyone who questions the use of this map should kill themselves asap, seriously. It has a fucking skull in the middle, how much more badass can you get than that? That's like, automatic win. He like, won bwm, with this map. Key balancing features of the map include the skull (it gives a lot of motivation to the gamers, in most test games the general opening is to send one of your initial workers to the skull just to see who gets there first, out of 1337 games so far, in only one game did the person who made it to the skull first lost, and he was playing vs boxer. Go figure. The skyscraperesque buildings are also key balance features. No other structure PERFECTLY fits in that place to ensure pathing takes a certain way which guarantees unit speed and reduces clumping and prevents morons from running into the side of the ramps. Another fundamental balance feature are the two neutral temples at top left and bottom right. However, Lancet has asked we not release the secret behind them, as then every mapper would copy it and it would ruin the map's brilliance and ingenuity, not to mention morons would copy it incorrectly, setting a bad trend, which would ruin bw mapping indefinitely. So you have to bare with me and just accept how important a role these neutral protoss temples play in the map's concept and balance. With decoration styles stolen from Testbug and Protoss4ever, and SEEMINGLY random (but not!) visual tile structures taken from veterans' maps, you know the map is great. A map named Bunny-Rabbit 1.3 (it was python 1.3, only with a bunny-rabbit in center instead (which COMPLETELY throws off balance and gameplay from python's, making it super unique and fun!)) was almost put into the MSL's mappool, but then this map was introduced to the kespa mapping council and was put in its place. The only thing keeping this map from being the best of the three is its unfortunate lack of positional VARIETY. Nevertheless, it is sure to contain some exciting gameplay, thanks largely to the neutral temples at the corners, perfectly complemented by the skull in the center.

Note: These maps in their MSL modified versions have not yet been released. The changes made were very minor, with the only major change being the complete re-placement of every single dweb in Lolicats Spielplatz so that the map doesn't crash bw the moment you open it. The maps will be released on in the next couple of weeks.

Other maps from were in fact considered for the proleague.
Such maps include namely: every single testbug map, ScoutWBF's Sleeping Sun Final (they didn't want two maps by one author, and Lolicats Spielplatz has a more unplayable unique gameplay that MSL wanted), and lnept's (2)Rocket (it has a rocket in the middle zomg!).

In other news: fans from the United States will no longer be able to watch live streaming proleague, because it was easier to simply block ips from the United States than to ban every single ip Nightmarjoo used to spam kespa to use Faoi XXVII in the proleagues. However, you can use the program at this site to obtain an ip from another country in order to still watch your favourite gamers on these new great maps!

Congratulations to the mappers who managed this great feat with their superb mapping abilities!

This was really excessive for an April Fools joke.

Why is every news post on this site TL;DR
Because I write every news post on this site.
Your mom is reall excessive.
But you really should have tried to actually fool someone :p

but nice post
BCPGALMENBMOT was meant as a joke but the other two were not, they are serious maps. If you felt that way about them you should have expressed it in the respective map threads and not make fun of them here as a newspost.

As to Nekromantik, I did not "steal" the deco style, I copied it and I credited Testbug for it (see map thread) just like you did in Faoi and just like all of us do with many of our maps.

A more appropriate April fool's joke would have been you telling us that someday, somehow you will be King of The Hill.
I hate April Fool's.
freaking marjoo man u got me cuz i barely got up and i was half asleep
for a while*
lets kill lancet :o

just as an april fool PLX

uhm, bad joke, you should have picked better maps to make it more trustable;)
YES! i win!
"But you really should have tried to actually fool someone :p"
hey, I tried to make it sound as serious as possible =/

"BCPGALMENBMOT was meant as a joke but the other two were not, they are serious maps. If you felt that way about them you should have expressed it in the respective map threads and not make fun of them here as a newspost"
Hey, are you from Romania or something? It's a joke, not to be taken seriously. I had to do flo's map, that was an april fool's joke waiting to happen. I had to do a scout map, because I made fun of his map Sleeping Sun Final (which I mentioned here too) in last year's april fool's joke. I didn't have a great idea for a third, but opted to use Nekromantic because it just seemed so silly to me, and was taken seriously in the thread. Still though, it's a joke. If you can't laugh at it, then perhaps some of the comments I satirically made had in the un-said but assumed things in my sarcastic remarks some truth to them =/ If you can't laugh at yourself, then your sense of humour is flawed. Feel free to come back with a "HEY NIGHTMARJOO YOU DON'T LAUGH AT YOURSELF HUH", but I do, at this site, all the time =/

"As to Nekromantik, I did not "steal" the deco style, I copied it and I credited Testbug for it (see map thread) just like you did in Faoi and just like all of us do with many of our maps"
Wow sup Mr. Can't take a joke. As for "like you did in Faoi", I didn't copy anyone's decoration, Testbug personally did the decoration, as in mentioned in my thread.

I didn't pick your map because it was made by you lancet, I'd have said the same thing if it was made by anyone, or have said the same kind of things on a map made by someone else. Don't take it personally, it's not meant to be. It's an April Fool's joke, c'mon -.-

"A more appropriate April fool's joke would have been you telling us that someday, somehow you will be King of The Hill" I guess it'd be funny if I was bitter about losing KOTH, but I'm not, and haven't posted anything that would suggest as such. I'm sure if I left this off here, you'd say "LOL NIGHTMARJOO, SEE? YOU CAN'T LAUGH AT YOURSELF", except the point of laughing at yourself is to not be offended by something that isn't meant to, or perhaps something that is, but I'm not offended because I'm indifferent about the matter, hence no need to laugh.
"uhm, bad joke, you should have picked better maps to make it more trustable;)" You're just jealous that their maps got on the front page ;) Besides, my description and explanation of any map comes out superior to the map itself in all cases, and that's what I was relying on, not the maps themselves ;)
If you have read some of my posts you know very well I can laugh at myself just fine (just ask Tecnal). It's just that IMO what you did here just crossed the line, it's plain disrespectful, that's all. However, you don't see it that way so no point in arguing with you.

I do want to suggest that perhaps a better use of your talents would be to post MOTM-3.

1) Square
2) Prophesy
3) Tepolzolan

oh lancet just shut up. get some coins and argue with a parking meter about it.
Lancet got owned pretty badly. As I scrolled down this post I just thought it was another stupid April Fool's joke, but this creative twist was unexpected. Nicely done.
Jesus christ, I tried reading the post, and my eyes went cross-eyed as I tried and failed. I need to use 'enter' a LOT more rofl.

lol thanks boongee
Let's all argue. Whee.
Thank you all for your support and especially to Flo, the parking meter gave me great mapmaking ideas and constructive criticism! At no point did it try to put me down or humilliate me and was always supportive and respectfull treating me like a fellow machine.

It was a bit expensive though.

: ^ )
I hope the somebody will re-place the D-Webs on Lolicat Spielplatz was not a joke. I would love to be able to play the map myself (no joke! I just can't get the d-webs not to crash BW) :D

Merry Christmas and a happy FUHRER-Day!

(Hail FloTheFuhrer!)
And yep, grats Flo!
I always thought about a concept like this but was never able to execute it like that.
<p>-usage would be nice from time to time;-) Or at least press the Enter Key after some dozen lines;)

Lancet's custom-everything on his map is pretty damn impressing imo.

Thank you for doing some april-fools stuff. Normally I love doing stuff like that, just been too busy.
Thanks panschk and actually I did take another close look at NekromantiK (I had not done that in a while) and I was blown away, no kidding! I really like the map design/theme and gameplay. It is a pitty that Nightmarjoo chose to riducule the map in public rather than offer more detailed and helpful comments in the map thread to make it better. I did make edits other people suggested to the center of the map and it was agreed it made the map better (that was also never mentioned)

Having said that I think I will ax the "offending" protoss temples at the corners and place a minonly there perhaps.

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