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The Newest Maps on iCCup02/11/2013 02:54 PM
Posted by:CrystalDrag
From iCCup :
"We want to announce you the newest Map Pack – 2.5.
We were working on adding new maps since 1-2 months. We discussed all possibilities and we selected the best maps for our map pack."


map size: 128x128
low ground main into high ground nat setup.
the geysers at the 1,11,5&7 expansions only contain 2500g.
east and west divided by a long central valley.
Under the "force fields" (designated by pylon power matrices) ranged attacks have a 50% chance to miss.
the «conservative» version does not have pylon fields to indicate the cover-providing areas, only ground textures.


map size: 128x128
the outermost mineral patches of each mineral-only expansion are reduced to 749g each..
ring-shaped ridges around the centre.
many buildable potential proxy spots all around the middle.

Resonance II

map size: 128x96
main choke can be sealed off with a single barracks.
multiple choices for 3rd expansion.
mostly buildable middle gives good proxy opportunities.
neutral command center in the centre for Zerg to infest.

Wind and Cloud (But who cares about this one... :P Just kidding.)

map size: 128x128
A series of plateaus around the center of the map move the fight from the center of the map to the area around it for control of the high ground.
See? Not alot of features!

weird to see 2 of my maps in iccup mappack :O definitely cool though, but i doubt they will be played often.

This is a nice restart to BWMN with ICCup :)

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