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GMCS - Graphical Map Comment System30 of July 2005 08:12 PM
Posted by:Starparty
Since Panschk posted the thread in the forum (thus making it official), i thought it could be a nice newspost for all those who doesn't visit the forums as frequently as I do :)

Have You visited a map comments section recently and wondered what the text "GMCS(beta)" meant? Panschk has developed a new system on the page which he calles the GMCS - Graphical Map Comment System. This is a tool which can be very helpful when commenting maps if You want to point out a specific area on the map which needs modification.

The idea is that by using different marks You can pinpoint out areas on an image of the map in question. Then the maker of that map can browse this picture and see the spots You marked and read the comments you added to those spots. The idea is brilliant! Though be aware that the system is still under construction and Panschk is still trying to figure out good ways of reducing the loading time of the system (although I personally surf on a 56k and actually have no problems at all loading it).

We hope that this system will be usefull and we ecourage You to start using it! Please report in the forum if you find out any bugs or other problems with it!

GMCS Forum thread - Report bugs here!

I'm so in love with the GMCS - GJ!
Yea it rox :)

Should be more accesible though, but i dont really know how...

Because of heavy spam on the map comments, it is needed to be logged in to post. We are sorry that this has to be done because nothing else stops spam bots
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