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MOTW 36 / First BlizzCon Mapcontest Result05 of September 2005 12:32 PM
Posted by:Listoric
*** UPDATE - BlizzCon ***

First off, i wanted to let you know that some of our mappers here seem to have won the BlizzCon Mapcontest. After trcc, boongee, Travin and Bill307, Snooky has won the last package (including 3 Starcraft Books, a T-Shirt and 3 Toyfigures), as well as the last map-slot and so we have all winners named already! And even better, they're all known mappers on Now only a newspost on the BlizzCon page is missing where every winner and winning map will be anounced hopefully.

We all are proud of you, and proud of the BWMN sense as well, as some of you were already here with a MOTW lately ;) Congratulations from all of us!

And as we step into the 36th week, it is also time to present our....

This week it is (4)Kingdom of Aragua from trcc.

The map is a very nice 4 player map with classic startpositions and naturals, the mineral-onlies as well as the extra expansions lie near the center, and force the players to expand towards it, while you still have enough space to surround or surprise your enemy. The middle expansions are good positioned, they don't harm the unit AI and support the players with an extra ground expansion. At first sight, they might be hard to defend, so you could take one of the islands on the edges instead! Easier to defend, but still not safe. As you see, this is a map where a lot of action is taking place!

(4)Kingdom of Aragua really gives a lot options to the player but still supports the custom gamestyle! Basic and fresh!

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit the map comments thread or download the Melee Version.

Weeee!!! :)

Good newspost. Using "KI" in an english text does not make much sense though, as it means "Künstliche Intelligenz", artificial intelligence.

oh and congrats to trcc ;)
oh you're right, just wrote it without thinking ^^ i edited it.
Bill307 told me he also received the winner package so 1 more mapper :/
read my name.




which of the below is correct?



just remember, it's booooooooooooooongeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. not bongee

and btw, what do you mean "the first round" of the map contest? there are 5 winners.
sorry, my fault, edited the newspost :)

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