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Show off19 of September 2005 09:56 AM
Posted by:Starparty
Yes, ive been away lately. I have no internet at home :( BUT atleast ive done SOMETHING constructive... Ive taken a deeper look into Worldedit, the map editor of WarCraft III, and I must say that im impressed. Making maps to War3 is almost the same as making maps to any of the Heroes of Might and Magic games (for those who have tried that). Personalizing every remote part of the map is great, and upward ramps creates a whole new world of symetrical mapmaking :)

To show You just some samples of what can be made, ive uploaded my 3 -so far- war3 maps made these past days. They come in chronological order.

First of:

(4)The Starparty

Download here

A remake of my original "(4)The Starparty" for BroodWar. (Dont confuse it with The Starparty III, which is another map).



Download here

War3 remake of my final BlizzCon submission. Quite large map for 1on1, but experienced War3 players might fid the macrobattle quite amusing, what do i know :P

And last:


Download here

Post comments in this thread. Also if there is special ways in balancing war3 maps like there is balancing BW maps, please tell me :)


I don't play WC3, but I'm pretty sure that you have no idea of balanced and well-playing maps for a game if you never played it seriously.

I won't judge the map because I can't.
Same here, i have absolutely no idea what a balanced WC3 map should look like. So, quite useless Newspost :/ Should have done a MOTW Post instead... anyway, i'm on it...
i know a bit about wc3... and afaik balanced wc3 mpas need many different ways to the enemy and often several ways to a base
possible. Well, i like the shapes of the map, that's what i can say ^^
lis: in comparison to the history of newsposts in general im both quite amazed and offended that you recall this as useless.
Well, as said, i think it's "useless" because as you see in the reaction of a WC3 map on a broodwarmappage, noone except us reacted, because noone seemed to have a glimpse of what a wc3 map should look like. that`s why it`s "useless" to post a wc3 mapmaking newspost of some of your maps on a bw mappage.

except that, i like your mapping work and i really would see us working on a page for multiple gamemaps too. But panschk won't change the site as he said and so i think that your wc3 work won't be honoured here.
it is really hard to balance war 3 maps. you have to balance the creeps, the shops, the pathing, and many other variables. Often times you have to completely scrap a map concept if you want to balance the shops and creeps. I can't tell from those small pictures if they are good or not.
if that path is as narrow as it looks on that first map and the only way around the map is to go through the center I can tell you it is very cheap for mostly small ranged units of night elf as well as protecting their fast expo with ease. Undead will just lose every match on this map to any race.
the post is written since i redirect traffic from war3 sites here too. I do get response lis, its just not posted in this thread :p
Nice :) link? It would be interesting for me as well. I'm interested in mapmaking, no matter what kind of game, cuz it's different and interesting everywhere.

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