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MOTW 4003 of October 2005 01:10 AM
Posted by:Listoric

It's cold outside, the leaves are falling, the new and BWMN Tour Map-of-the-Week Mappack is delivered and played on heavily, replays for that maps are uploaded every several hours, everything seems just fine... everything? Not really... something is missing... something really important... our newest Map of the Week!

The question is still the same? Who will be honoured this week? Travin, trcc, Starparty? Maybe the mighty panschk himself? Simple answer:

Not this week guys!

A new mapper called Antares just showed up recently and surprised us with a basic but somehow beautiful map, and we decided his map (4)Scorpion Desert to be our new Map of the Week!

This map almost tears you into the hot and sweaty desert with it's neverending sanddunes across the huge center. Once you've decided to leave your mainbase, you see yourself running through the golden dust of ages.

The expansions are, even if they look very basic, very well positioned. While the gas natural cliff has a ramp, which makes it easier to defend against an enemy, the min-only has a real cliff in it's back, waiting for Tanks or Templars to drop. Be sure that you don't get mad in the heat of the sun, when you try to expand in the mapcenter, both min-onlys are hard to defend, but worth to take. Or you decide to expand on one of the islands, to secure the last gas and invite some Terrors to join you.

Maybe the heat already got me too... i should stop writing storys and better deliver you what you really want to have:

The melee version download! Or do you prefer to enter some more comments?

And don't forget to enter your sugguestions and comments for our Map of the Week 41!

Have a nice week,


Your Name
you can forget this map in ZvT
also PvT is very much imbalanced on some positions ...

bad map of the week choice
"Your Name", I don't agree.

Imo ZvT is almost like on any other map here. The natural is more exposed, but it is still pretty standard. The cliff at the natural is of course a risk for the zerg because of bunkerrush/marines on top of it. A well placed sunken _should_ help though.
You just have to be aware of the possible attacks of your enemy. You can't play your standard program on every map.

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