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BWMNs next steps...19 of October 2005 11:56 PM
Posted by:Listoric

Entropy: "I will set up access and stuff [...]. I need everyone's main public account etc.. "

I told Entropy that we're interested in posting our MOTW and stuff as he sugguested. It's a great chance of becoming the best mapsource in Europe and for that, i will have to send him the accounts of the BWMN newsposter.

Therefore i need the accounts of...


... as fast as possible to get things running.

Now we got the chance of becoming even bigger and more important than we could think of in the first place! And, we will need some more i guess. We need more people who support this site as newsposters or in other purposes.

Everyone who is interested of supporting BWMN should write a short statement about him/her into our comment section here.

I'd like to be fast in that matter: The faster we are, the earlier we can take advantage of our chance!

Also i want you to know that i'm not sure what exactly our posts on these sites look like, but we will see :)

Ok, BroodWarMaps.Net, gogogo!

Have a nice week,


I'd like to help because I'm fairly well known and have a good command of English :]

And the fact that I really enjoy maps and visit here everyday even if I don't comment. Don't worry I'll post some of mine soon so you guys can flame away!
Im Starparty everywhere
except on hotmail, some1 stole that :P

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