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MOTW 4324 of October 2005 10:37 PM
Posted by:Listoric

What the hell shall we do in the near future? I lose my nerves one by one... why? Well, quite easy... you all create great maps and i'm the one who has to decide finally, more or less... that's hard stuff, you know... and this week, i do something "special". Anyway, here is our Map of the week 43!

What you're looking at is the nice 2 player desert map called Jaculus from Listoric. Surprised?

Some of you may have followed the MOTW discussion. Jaculus was tied with Denial from SummerSky and after we tested both maps, we decided that Jaculus is faster, fresher, and fits better into the upcoming & BWMN MOTW-Tour-Mappack. So here you are!

As already mentioned, Jaculus is a fast paced map, with several harassing possibilities. You can play safe as well, but there is no island to escape to, so it'll be always better to fight your enemy than hide like a coward. The mineralwall and blocking minerals make the game more interesting in some aspects, but they need to be used wise. Zerg can fast expand and defend their mainbase through this mineral wall, but also Terran and Protoss can build there wallin there, to have a fast expansion possibility. But beware of scvs, mining minerals and opening the way for a horde of annoying vultures to your main! This map offers a lot and wants a lot as well, play fast, play wise, but be careful, the enemy is just around the corner...

Get your free meleemap download here or look up the mappage and drop a comment here.



And now, we come to the "special" part. Some of you may have already recognized it.

The recommended maps is our newest section to present you the best maps on BroodWarMaps.Net.

What is it good for?!
We look through the whole database, and put the best maps into the recommended maps section. So, you don't have to look through all maps, to find good ones to play on, but still, it's worth to check out all maps, some might fit your taste better than others ;) You can easily access it through the left navigation or as a search criteria.

So, after i played Starparty today on some possible MOTWs, we also played an absolutely outstanding airmap and it screams for an extra mentioning in the news. So, here it is, the opener of our new section - Colonization from panschk[FP]!

"Hmm.. when i get that HUGE island at the bottom, my enemy starves to death...", and that's the idea. Colonization is the name, and describes the gameplay as well. You have to fight against your enemy in close distance at startup, but you also have to be sure that it's not him, who takes the lower island and overpowers you with expansions. So, after the first fights are done, both try to take the soutern island to starve the enemy to death, while attacking him on top with groundunits. Pure fun, nice idea, great execution, and for that, a worthy recommended BWMN map. Check out the Terran vs Protoss replay from Starparty vs Listoric here . Also check out the recommended maps section to see, what a good map should look like! Get inspired, create maps, have fun, and...

...have a nice week!


gratulations ;)

I like how we start to play more and more together, that is the best way to test maps, because we are better at judging maps than the average player imo.

would still prefer colonization as motw, but since you made the post you have the right to be selfbiased.
Well, i thought it was best to mention all Maps that had the best chance imo. Colonisation is a but to extraordinary to be MOTW, after we can't be sure that is is any balanced, but after it is great fun and a nice concept, it deserved extra mentioning.
Lol, i can't reach the Rec. Maps even with one of mine... Sniff :(
yeah, if you regard professional gaming (MOTWtour), you have a hard to time say if colonization is balanced to be part of it.
competitive* gaming :D
the name is coloniZation btw

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