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Help needed!29 of October 2005 12:50 PM
Posted by:Starparty

We have a problem with this weeks MotW tour. Our eventmanager Zoxxer is unable to attend this week and therefore we have noone to organize the tour. We have searched desperatelly for someone with experience in organizing an event like this, but with no success. Therefore i ask of you at, if there is anyone who feels he knows what to do and how to arrange things, please send pm to Zoxxer on and work it out there. The only other alternative is that the tour will expire this week, and that would be a serious blow for the continuality of the MotW tour, not to mention that 4 MotW's will not get the award they deserve. Please solve this issue as soon as possible. We could all try and pull it of togheter, i know i will definitelly attend if anyone wants me to.


In short words: Fuck :/

Would be great if you could manage it somehow. I can't because i have absolutely no experience in doing something like this. But the Tour should be held. Whats about an anouncement and stuff?
I have not exp either, otherwise id just have done it and not bothered about this post ;P
announcement will be done if we fid a sollution
I could do it..but I only want to do it sunday, because saturday XuuL makes a tournament on blizzcon maps and right now BWCL pauses anyway.

Let's see.
never heard of this motw tour :/
do we have an irc channel? would be nice to discuss such stuff
I PMed zoxxer, he and myself agree that the best thing to do will be to just make it next week, on the MOTW 40-43.

We don't have an IRC channel, and it would be empty all the time anyway T_T. If you need more infos on MOTW-tour, search on, they organize it.

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