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MOTW 4507 of November 2005 05:03 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

This Month's MOTW has seen a lot of changes since being a mutual-dream project from Starparty and Listoric. The author, Listoric, hopes it were the last ones;)

A lot of interesting features were used to make this map with a rather classic mainbase-layout something special. (4)Temple of Eden has two double-island expansions at twelve and at six O'clock, that are very valuable and pretty vulnerable at the same time. Something you do not see every day is the mineral only-expansion that turns into a gas expansion after mining down the minerals. And, just like Regnum noctis, but on jungle tileset, Listoric used custom ramps to make the access to 12 and 6 mineral only expansions.

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i like the space between 2-4 and 5-7 and the gas mine at the minsonly nat.. cleverish ;]
I like this map also, it is just awesome and the games against Oli... i mean sataan668 were also really cool. Also Listoric is such a nice person and edited the mistakes panschk made in this post i bet... :P
Well, but at least panschk made the post. He is a great guy too. Good map btw;)
and the banner is sweet. First time I see it in action;)
Yeah thx, the update i wanted to make was good, still not perfect, especially the top banner looked very odd, and some other details. Well, we will see when we get to update what we want to. ^^
Yea it is very cool
wow sieht massive eil aus die map

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