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GGL Americup Maps09 of November 2005 10:47 AM
Posted by:Starparty

4. I am pleased to announce that I will be using some maps from TeamLiquids own, Bill307 & Starparty from BroodWarMaps

Well it seemed that our outbreak gave result. However i wanna make clear that i posted a list of maps without authornames and PuertoRican picked the one he liked the most. Bill himself suggested Ecuadorsal as replacement but I got PMed personally with request for Arena. Its a easy straightforward map so hopefully the players will like it too. I believe this also is a good push for our newly compiled mappack since many of the maps inside it have been published and used in many different bigger leagues and tourneys now.

Again, a big shoutout to XuuL for helping me in this issue.

Nothing else than: Great!

Another step into the right direction. Gratulations Starparty :)
Gratz, SP! Gogo BWM.Net ^_^
I see Xuul "helping" every now and then, but i have no idea how he participates, still, a big thx to you as well :)
Starparty, could oyu post a link to the article, i have just no idea how to navigate on GGL, amazing...
This is from the newspost.

XuuL argued with bill enough to make other "bigger names" speak their mind too. Eventually it seemed that noone actually liked blue valleys, and thus the point of having it were lost.
Argh, Bill is really strange. Why is he so stubborn? And why has he stopped posting here? I somehow think he can't take it that some others have other opinions on his maps. How old is he anyway? :/
hehe nice... Arena is rly a good choice ^^
good to see that this community here has been accounted :]

@Lis: i have rly so few time to be active as some others here, but this time i rly was in anger in due to the behaviour of Bill being mentioned in the forum

i dont think he ever did post here :P
any1 have problems with the ggl site? :P 15 days left until kickoff anyways

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