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Mireille vs Technics - games 6, 7, 809 of December 2005 05:40 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

Showmatch: eye.Mireille vs eSu.Technics games 6, 7, 8

After being behind 2:3 to the zerg player technics after the first five games, Mireille needed a win badly to stay in the series. All maps have been played at least once yet, so the players got to know them, no excuses can be made;)

Game 6:

The map that is played is (4)Origo Hills by flothefreak. Mireille lost the first game on this map partly because of bad knowledge of the map, getting attacked on the "back door" twice. As a biased Mireille fan, I hope he does better this time. The two players switch start positions from the first game on Origo Hills, Mireille playing top left and Technics top right this time. Mireille plays one barracks tech, placing his barracks on the other side of his ramp, allowing Technics to do some harass with zerglings and killing a newly recruited marine. Technics plays a pool before hatch strategy, expands to his natural and build a third hatch in main then. While he techs slowly to mutas, his opponent gets two starports and builds a couple of vultures out of one factory to counter ling harass.
Mireille then starts pumping wraiths out of his starports and does amazing harass in technic's base, killing overlords, one hydralisk and most importantly: a big amount of drones. At the same time, some zerglings enter Mireille's base and kill units four times their own value, without really hurting the terran's economy though.
Only when technics gets a couple of scourges he is able to destroy the wraiths. Knowing he is behind because of the loss of drones, he tries to do some harass with a small group of mutalisks, but the hunter fastly becomes the hunted when the mutalisks encountered a group of wraiths, now with cloaking ability. Without speed upgraded overlords, technics is forced to retreat, and loses some more drones and some mutalisks to the great wraith control by Mireille.

By this time, Mireille, who did not expand yet, has built a pretty big army of MMF and moved it towards the zerg's base. Technics hastily places a large amount of sunkens at his natural, but the terran's army still is able to do some damage, killing the sunkens and even more drones. From there on it is crystal clear that the game is decided, it does not take long before Technics is forced to admit his defeat and leave the game.

Game 7:

The story of the seventh game is told pretty fast: On the map Kingdom of Aragua by the canadian mapmaking machine tronicc Technics starts on top left, Mireille on bottom right, so it is cross positions, normaly not the perfect situation for agressive strategies. Technics does a 10 pool BO though, similar to his strategy in game six, but his first six zerglings don't do much damage due to mireille's proper micro. Mireille then goes for three barracks, building A LOT of MMF, attacking Technic's natural around the seven minute mark. Technics, who already was behind because of his ineffective rush in early game, could not get mutas in time to stop that and was not willing to build more than five sunken colonies, dies to that rush immediatly. Even though he manages to kill most of the terran's men in the process, the few remaining don't have any opposition and can take down the zerg's drones easiliy.

Game 8:

Now Mireille has a 4:3 lead in the series, so he only needs to win this game to take it. The map for this game is Summersky's (2)Ode to the sun, where Technics starts on the top position, leaving the bottom one for the norwegian terran powerhouse. Technic manages to steal Mireille's gas twice, and fast expands to his gasless natural. The just played game on Kingdom of Aragua in mind, he builds a big amount of sunken colonies to prevent any m&m attack. Unfortunatly for him, Mireille decided to play a fast tank strategy this time, which is one of the best counters obviously. The tank starts to kill some sunkens, but Technics is able to force his opponent back before he takes serious damage at his natural. The surviving m&m forces engage the 12-1 O'clock gas expansion Technics has build in the meantime, killing it before being slaughtered themselves by the furiuos zerg swarm.

As soon as his first vessel is finished, Mireille, who still plays from one base, moves out again, winning every battle in the map centre and taking even more advantage that way. Technics does a good job of delaying the terran's progress, but has no chance to actually kill the well handled units of his opponent.

With his natural expansion now running, and his opponent struggling to survive, Mireille does not rush it and plays it safe. A drop attempt at the terran's natural does no damage, and the impressive number of vessels for only one gasnode can be used for different tasks now, like killing drones with mutual irridate. While the bulgarian zerg fights desperatly, it becomes clear pretty fast that he won't win this game anymore, so the game is finished after 18 minutes. The winner of the first BWMN showmatch is eye.Mireille. Congratulations.

Written by panschk[FP]

Game 6 was really cool. I already watched game 2 too, very good game imo.
We want repleys, too! Nice report :D
all replays are in file section :)
Nice report. Maybe link the replays somewhere?
Excellent BR work panschk!

If the players commented on the event/maps I think we should all know what they thought about it. So spill it!
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