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Mireille vs Technics game 110 of December 2005 06:00 PM
Posted by:Starparty
(Long post, no images)

So the day had finally arrived. The Norwegian terran titan Mireille was set to battle versus the zerg overlord eSu.Technics. The players wasted no time and went directly onto game one:

TvZ on Caribbean Dreams

Technics spawns his hatchery at the top left position while Mireille lands his shining command center at the bottom right. Both players do a nice split and the game is on. Technics sends his overlord scouting while making a 12 hatch at the first reachable expansion and teching lair, but Mireille floats his barracks to see it and proceeds teching a fast 2fac goliath drop. Technics on the other hand gets his lair done and makes a spire behind his main mineral line. For the coming goliath attack is quite obvious and he places tactical sunken colonies throughout his base and expansion. Mireille gets his first 4 goliath drop going and begins to hit Technics expansion killing many drones before retreating to a coming mutalisk counter. Mireille gets some air support in form of a valkyrie while Technics chases the floating barrack until it is destroyed. Mireille drops a few scv’s on the bottom left island while building a couple of barracks in his main. Technics chases the dropship on its way back, killing it just before it reaches safety. While Mireille has built a hefty army of marines and goliaths at this point, Technics uses his mutalisk to control the air between the bases and starts teching hydra drops. As Mireille drops all his infantry on the nine ‘o clock expansion, Technics demands the upper right island and his second natural for him, getting expansions up as soon as he can.

Technics do now have a couple of lurkers in his main base prepared to impale anything in sight, but afore, he finds the secret terran expansion at the bottom left island and attacks it with his mutalisk. Still, Mireille counters effectively by destroying the newly spawned hatchery at the second natural with his infantry and brings over some goliath support with his dropships. Necessarily, Technics has brought all his ground forces to the first natural above, prepared to deal with any problems the Norwegian could cause there. Thus, Mireille tries sneaking his dropships up the natural, but loses one of them and retreats, refilling the surviving three with marines as far as possible. He travels over the sea at the upper part of the map, heading right for the zerg main base. He has new goliaths in his main preventing any mutalisk harassments, and his valkyrie does a hero’s job defending. Now the terran attack destroys most of the zerg forces and leaves a hatchery with 41hp left before the troops are being obliterated by the remaining hydralisks. As Technics attacks the lower left terran islands, Mireilles command center escapes, taking the first natural instead. At the same time he floats another command center from his main to the middle right expand and protects it with a few marines. The prepared zerg Technics spreads his overlords evenly around the map and lurkerpushes the terran natural expand. Mireille tries a drop on the upper right terran expand now, but finds his units being owned by 2 sunken colonies and a lurker. However, he manages to destroy more than expected due to being able to lure the lurker spines onto a matrixed siegetank before loosing his troops.

The zerg has now begun massexpanding, both the previously terran dominated bottom left island and the nine ó clock expansion. In his main he has been building up a modest force of hydralisks, lurkers and zerglings. Mireille on the other hand plays defence, by bunkering up his three ó clock expansion. The game seems quite passive until suddenly Mireille loads four dropships with most of his main forces and sneaks them into the zerg heart. Technics, who just uploaded his units into a bunch of overlords, desperately tries to unload them and swarm the terran, but Mireille manages to kill the zerg force with modest casualties and continues hitting the zerg main base. Technics looses both his low hp hatchery and his hydra den before removing the last traces of the terran invaders. But Technics doesn’t get 5 seconds of pause before another drop hits his first natural from below. Technics owns many expansions at this point, but few of them are collecting effectively and he struggles with remobilizing his troops. Unlike Mireille, who takes back his first natural, and has another command center floating towards the second natural too. His tanks are still shooting at the zerg first natural.

But Technics acts fast and drops the terran natural immeditately before Mireille manages to bring defence. Because of this, Mireille tries countering on the nine ó clock zerg expansion but looses a full dropship with infantry to some scourges patrolling the area. Still he sneaks in with the remaining troops and fires at the expansion. In order to save this expansion, Technics withdraws his troops from the terran first natural. Meanwhile, Mireille uses the full range of the tank to hit the zerg upper right expansion from the main land. Technics, who has a queen’s nest done, begins teching to hive. The hatchery on the island is about to go down, and so he brings along his units from the nine ó clock expansion to attack the tanks, but with proper use of defence matrix, eye.Mireille micromanages his defending troops into killing the attacking lurkers and zerglings with barely any casualties.

As Mireille starts now building a command center at the zerg second natural the game turns from being a top versus bottom game, to an east versus west game. Thus, Technics mobilizes his drones into utilizing his expansions and fires a new lurker zergling attack on the terran tanks, this time with more success. As a counter, Mireille retakes his natural expansion. The surviving zerg lurkers from the successfull tank attack move on to killing the nearby terran expansion at Technics second natural. Mireille lifts the command center and escapes to safety while building a solid defence in his own natural. Both players own the same amount of expansions now, but Mireille has a little bit more resources than Technics.

Having obvious ambitions of winning this game, Mireille makes an offence towards the lower left zerg expansion destroying it with impunity. Technics, helplessly seeing it being destroyed,, counters by dropping a huge hydra lurker zergling army in the center and attacks the terran three ó clock expansion, but with no result. The terran takes revenge, and thus Mireille brings a little army into the zerg main and manages to kill many zerg units before being obliterated by the might of seven lurkers. Meanwhile, the zerg player eSu.Technics has made nydus connection between his bases to swiftly transport troops between them. Zerg is now only mining from one base while terran has two. The game goes on and Mireille drops a bunch of infantryunits below the middle left zerg expansion and it becomes a micromanagement battle between the two players when Technics brings all his lurkers there through his nydus canal.

On top right of the map, Technics has retaken the island, and has now finished a defiler mound. He makes an outbreak towards the marines, managing to kill them with lurkers and dark swarm, but at the expense of loosing several lurks to the bio-force while burrowing. Then he suddenly becomes aware that Mireille has secretly created lots of sience vessels and with a brute force of marine medic tanks he steamrolls the zerg expansion at nine while wrecking havoc with irradiate through the zerg forces. The terran forces march on, destroying the spawning hatchery at the zerg's second natural, while at the same time, another army is dropped at the bottom island and kills the appendant hatchery there. A third drop then destroys the top island too. Technics, not liking the situation too much, tries a last effort in dropping his remaining forces back on the nine ó clock expansion, spawning a new hatchery there. But Mireille takes his troops from the top right island and sneaks them into the zerg main, where an scv already is being busy building a bunker. Seeing his chances going down the drain, Technics drops now a few lurkers into the empty terran natural, but gets bogged down quick by troops from the terran main base. In the zerg base, the last surviving zerglings fight frenetically under the dark swarm, but the marine’s hp is rising faster than they can decimate it because of the medics behind them. Seeing as there is no way to turn the game around, eSu.Technics types ‘gg’ and checks out.

I only read the first and 2nd paragraph, but it seems to be very choppy and thus hard to read.
and I wouldn't have gone into detail so much.

Still, dunno if I was better in my reports, so I'll stfu :(
well feel free to edit away the unnesecary stuff... i havent really done this before so i just frantically wrote down _everything_ that happened.. perhaps il do it better next time :)
it's actually quite divided. there are parts that are a bit too long (boring) imo, like the beginning- but there are also passages that are just great- the end paragraph for example.
As i said, just delete the unnecessary stuff as you want and keep the good parts :) I dont know what is important
I made some changes and cut off a thing or two.
I think it's better now, do you want me to tell what have been the problems (in my opinion of course)?
don't want to go for teacher-style if there's no need ^_^
The biggest problem was probably a lack of interest at the moment :( There are a lot of things going around atm
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