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How to make large bridges much faster with StarForge!29 of June 2005 08:20 PM
Posted by:Starparty
I saw that Panschk wrote a great article on how to make wide bridges. Some like to use that method. I don't. It takes too much time. That is why I will show You how it is done with Star Forge.

StarForge is a great 3rd hand program made by some awesome guys... (for names, check the "about" option in SF menu...). A good place to find StarForge 2.2 (?) is,(just search for Star Forge in the database). It can be tricky to get it running. To be sure, simply DL all the files that says "might be required to run StarForge" and You should be fine.


let's pressume You got it running by now. Here is a quick tutorial into making a wide jungle bridge:

SF = StarForge
SE = StarEdit

First of all I'm using Original Staredit to place a bridge where I want it. It's easier that way. And often it is this way You do it when you already got a finnished melee map wich only need tuning.

Remember. I use staredit mostly to decorate my maps. I use StarForge for special details, but i make sure to place them before I finnaly place the tila-based doodads in Staredit. That is because Staredit will remove all tile-based doodads you place in StarForge and that is a pain in the ass, and StarForge sux for placing triggers compared to Staredit (observermaps). I found that this way of work is good. First, make map in SE. Then wide bridge in SF and details like special terrain. THEN go back in SE and put tile-based doodads (like trees) last. Now the map got all details you want, but is fully compatible with staredit.

Also StarForge will set unused players to "inactive" when you open your map. To toggle this back to "active" (to make observers for instance) go to Player settings and toggle active and you'll be fine (Do this in StarEdit when your'e done with StarForge)

That's all you got to remember! :) StarForge is easy to use, and as i said before, it goes fast! (sounding like TV-Shop commercial host). Download it. Try it. Thank god someone took their time into making it. And make great maps to post here on this page ;)



Lol Ive been doing it the tedious way all along. thanks
Lol with that program things got a little easyer eh? Really usefull, but why don't you give a link to that program on this site? I don't see any better site then that for the program :). Anyway i will try to search it in the internet...
this should be exact the same as cut/copy/paste in scmdraft.

just one question, when you use a brush like this.
example: you've made an isle in the middle, and you wanna delete it. make a LARGE brush out of water-only, and cover the whole isle with it. is it normal water then, which you can edit in isometrical without problems? scmdraft is causing troubles then.
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