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Brainstorming Popular Concepts for BlizzCon Competition29 of July 2005 10:58 AM
Posted by:Starparty
Disclaimer: This is not meant as an offense to anyone, and im not implying that some maps are bad simply because they are not extraordinary or revolutionary blablabla..

In this article I had planned on discussing a few popular "new" concepts. As there still is 10 days left to BlizzCon and many still want to participate, I thought there would be a point in clearing out the fact that they (Blizzard) might not be too interested in normal "Have-a-base-on-a-hill-with-defendable-1nat-and-various-stray-expansions-all-over-the-place maps". Then, perhaps they are, what do i know - this is just how I understand it. (Ill try to stick to StarEdit-Only techniques since its the only program allowed in BlizzCon Map-making)

First of, the "island mineral block". This has become standard on our maps since we started this site. The point is to place a low-amount mineral patch just where the resource facility is supposed to be placed. This way Terran is effectively stopped from fast expanding on an island since he need to use dropship with scv and mine away that patch first. This is useful on islands located in or near the startlocation, but for island farther away it mostly get very anoying. The first map i saw using this placement was Namja Iyagi by Rose.Of.Dream, and i believe the technique was officially adopted by our community around the mapcontest held by this previous winter.

(Island mineral block on (2)The barrens.scm by trcc)

Second, the "mineral wall". The mineral wall is one of my favourites, since it effectively changes the map during gameplay. When a mineral line is mined open, suddenly a new traveling path appears! :) This can definitely be used to one's advantage in making a new groundbreaking map. Though placing of such wall must be done with caution, since a bad placed mineral wall will totally confuse the StarCraft AI. Units does not see a mineral wall as an obstacle and thus is continously trying to walk through it (which they obviously cant). Therefore Obstacles like these are best placed away from the main travelling route to your opponent. therefore, make sure that the shortest route to the opponent never is blocked since the shortest route will automaticly be the "main route". Test pathing from different areas all over the map to make sure this works as you want it too.

(DetonationF - This is a bad mineral wall since it blocks the main travelling route. Still it is the most well known map using this technique.)

Third, Altering the values of your minerals and placing unorthodox expansions. This is a good way of making your map very interesting and unique. Extra gasses and very small mineral exps which only zerg would waste an entire hatchery to use, as an example. Or perhaps moving gas natural very far away, letting players rely on 1 vespene gas only. This can change the gameplay drastically and force creation of new strategies applyed to this map only. This willr equire some testing though to see if it really works as it is supposed to. And think through the placements. Don't simply place minerals differently just because you can - develop an idea of why you place them as you do.

(A small piece of Sonata by hautamaki. A map that uses many different kind of expansions to suit as many types of gameplay as possible)

Fourth, Different sized bases. To force players to spread out their buildings is another way of creating a different scenario. Be sure that the areas still quite closely located and big enough (and protected enough) to make it as fair enough as possible... A good example of this is Serpent Dream by bio.dante, where he forces players to think differently. The map is available for download on this page under "user-final".

(Build wherever you want on Serpent Dream by bio.dante)

Fifth, the Bifrost backdoor. [Ragnarok]Valkyrie took the two entrances in main to professional levels. You either love it or you hate it. Either way it opens up new possibilities for interesting games. But use with caution, this might create more anoyance than pleasure in playing the map...

(The Bifrost is well known to most of us. It's hard to make the sidepaths work aswell as they do on this map)

These were a few ideas of features to make your map more "special". I say "special" because it really isn't anyway - I mean, these things have already been done. The best thing is ofcourse if you come up with an idea like this by yourself. But perhaps you atleast got inspired a little bit by these! :) If you have additional ideas that you believe should be included here, post in the forum and i'll add that too.


But placing minerals like that will screw up SC AI too.. all patches MUST be reachable, and not blocked away by other patches.. perhaps the idea is good in it self, but since these are blizzcon concepts for a 1on1 tourney, i see no point in havig a mutual expansion :P sorry
Travin's map uses this retarded concept and it won blizzcon..
Its not so retarded when its a line of minerals though. I still don't like it though.
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