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Last update for (4)Revelation : 2007, 08, 26 21:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1011 (4)Revelation 128*128Antares0.3final

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 19 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

well a new map by me

First of all, the mains are pretty big i think, and there is a long distance between them. There is a natural-exp containing gas below the ramp and a min-exp which is behind the base so it is safety... almost, beacuse these expansions have a cliff above, so that, it is harder to defend. The natural has a cliff, if you are willing to defend it direcly you have to take a long route to climb up. The min-exp is even more vulnerable, because it has a real cliff waiting for tanks or lurkers.

I tried to make the central area really central. I mean a usable place for battles and expansions. So you can find gas-expansions, which are hard to defend in my opinion. In a diagonal battle, of course you will play at the center and at horizontal too, but if the players are above each other the center is also can be an important point, because the gasexps. At 3 and 9 i put a min-exp which is available from the natural dircetly. I think it is enough flanking space and you can attack from different places. So the terrans are not in advantage I think.

I hope you like it ^^
modified by Antares
I think the mineral only expos should not be cliffable. It is terran-friendly enough as it is.
i would even erase them. firstly, if your neighbour is terran, he can shoot your minonly from his side. plus, he may even be able to "push over this cliff" and tear your main down. with tanks on the cliff and tanks down there, you'll have trouble coming down the ramp... while HE can maybe use the "naturalclifframp" to kick your natural, too...
(speaking of pvt)

dunno if this really works, but seems quite unstoppable to me, provided the terran is no newb.
the top mineral onlies are gay :P
Also pathfinding between top positions or bottom... is bad. Units pass trought very small coridor between the structure wall and the water. I think its better to delete the water that is in the way.
Talk about harassable expos. Poor toss.
oh thx flo, i didn't think about that "pushover" you said about..

i have a new idea, which would "fulfill"(?) LGI's problem (which i don't find so striking)...
modified by Antares
--v mOsQ
hah, this map may be crrated by LGI ^^ Stupid symmetric clone style :D
Check GMCS.

I think you should remove those juts of land at top mid and bottom mid and move back the expanision/temple stuff.
modified by decafchicken
check icon please.
now the map is updated, thx to everybody
the previous observer version sucked, ive just updated (so late) ^^
Looks like Overlands, and just like in Overlands there is a pathing issue at 12 and 6 o clock expos where your units would try to run to the other base but get confused and stuck in between the workers mining.

Also, there are spots on the cliffs on the min only expos in the mains that may be tankable. And I don't really understand the unbuildable ground you put in the nats =P

Very nice map though
modified by BestTarsier
Nice map, but a bit conventional for my taste

--qwasz2 vs BHolder(1on1, 1.14)

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