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Last update for (2)Velocity : 2006, 12, 18 02:04
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1054 (2)Velocity 128*128Arden(WoF)0.7final

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 47 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

Still needs a bit of decoration (no doodads yet).

Every expansion has 8 minerals, and I'm not sure if that's a good idea. The only reason I did that is because there is one less expansion on the map than I usually have. There's a lot of room to move around, so you're welcome toss/zerg.

I regret making it on space yet again, but every other attempt at a map on a different tileset has failed =/.

Your comment's are welcome as always
modified by Arden(WoF)
great job, i don't see any problems, but my suggestions are

make the island expos smaller, or move the gas close to the edge to take advantage of being able to approach them from the ground,

and make a little more space around the mains.
I agree with dan about the islands being smaller.

And check GMCS.
Erm, wow?

Seems inspired by the spitfire and the pulsation expansions. Actually this totally looks like a progamer map to me, dunno why, but it simply does.

The number of expansions is ok, the count of mineralpatches also. Space around mains is enough.

You could make the gasexpansions smaller as dan pointed out very well, still don't make them to small. Players should have the chance to actually build something on them, because of the lower expansion count (which is great here)

Only thing that's missing are doodads. After that, this is totally my next MOTW wish.

I'm really blown away. Great map.

Also had the same idea with bridges, dunno if it's a good one though, you could still test it out.

modified by Listoric
Edits will be made tomorrow.

Thanks for your suggestions ^^
Cheers for the bridges, i also add two more locations for them, if you want to try after epid0ns suggestion.

Mayby the only problem for progamers, would be the long distance, wich automaticly makes every zerg to go FE, and it's even hard to cannon the zerg because of the VERY SMART AND WELL PUT solar area! I am only not sure if you should keep the two bridges infront of the nats or make them one big wide bridge. For some time i have experience in game with such tight entrances (most of them two, as it is now), and it's not the best that i've play... You already got a little space hole in front of the bridges, so i think it's enought to separete the units.

Other then this, everything seems ok :D .

Don't know about the bridge you suggested, LGI. After I place the other bridge, it might be overkill.
make so lurks can cliff the expos too

Incredible. If it plays as well as it looks, gogo motw :]
I don't like the entrance style.but it's just my oppinion.And don't overuse that style.

By the way I think zerg will have a hard time against terran because the natural seems quite open and the zerg will need quite some sunkens to defend early and after that the terran drop on the high ground and owns the economy.
the same problem there is in rush hour but it is equally a map appreciated
drops on the economy? lol...if you dont either transport or air by then, or are smart enough to leave scourges up there should be no problem. fast starport most of the time is suicide tvz anyway.
my one recommendation is to make the path below the islands connected and actually useful as a far out flank route.
really good map. but at the moment, it doesn't really freak me out. dunno why...

i think it's due to the expansion layout. somehow i like it, but somehow i dislike it at the same time O_o

still a great style as concept, those routes and paths make the map very aggressive. i like that.

dunno what to make out of this map. i can't decide if i like it or if i just find it "OK"
it's good, and I agree pretty much with what's been said, but...

I think the bases are too far. map makers need to stop putting bases at opposite corners for their 2 player maps. It makes nice maps surprisingly boring IMO
Well, you can't please everybody =/. I think the negetive aspects are outweighed by the positives...

I'll edit a few things now
modified by Arden(WoF)
Edited a few things. Any questions/comments before I make the obs?

(Please, no huge unfixable issues)
oh so you liked my stupid little idea eh ^^
Epidion was the first to suggest it(GMCS), hehe. PWNED!!!

But yeah, I figured I might as well keep the idea of alternate pathways flowing.
modified by Arden(WoF)
bleh gmcs is for noobs anyway it rhymes with pms
Okay, it's official, I look like a terrible map maker now that all these gosus are on the site. Thanks a lot :P.

But seriously, great map, you executed this idea REALLY nicely. I'd vote for this as MotW in a heartbeat.
Looks good.

But you either should drop the spacehole in front of the natural (what is it good for?) and/or make one big bridge instead of those two.

Still i think two bridges would go well here.

Only thing which is "bad" is the distance between bases, it's huge. Dunno if it plays as well as it looks like.

Hooray for Replays!!
I just feel like there's a large area of nothing before the bridges, and I tried to break that up a bit with the space hole.

I think theres still enough room to maneuver around it, but feel free to prove me wrong.
modified by Arden(WoF)
Well just read my previews post, it's the same as Listoric suggest. Now we are two for this >:) !
God damn it..the pic doesn't like me....Gimmie a minute with this one

--Ok I got it
modified by Arden(WoF)
Now you're confusing me...
Should I connect the two bridges how they are? Or shouls I make the distance between them a bit shorter before I connect them?

Too lazy to edit now. Later... =/
modified by Arden(WoF)
--v mOsQ
+1 clone symmetric map, too simple and stupid, but i love this map ^^ gj Arden(WoF) :D
--v mOsQ
and look at gmcs
Does anyone else think that what mosq suggested is a good idea?
Well i already point that the distance is a little long, wich is no problem for me, but you see bongee's comment that he also point about the distance. Anyway if you make those bridges the distance will be fixed, but the map will be destroyed. I think that the only solution of making the distance shorter is to... See what bongee seys...
"Should I connect the two bridges how they are? Or shouls I make the distance between them a bit shorter before I connect them?"

--Still wondering =/
Connect them, make the two bridges as one wide bridge. And put back the space hole!
Now it's cool :)
mosq's suggestion could help. On the other hand, isnt the very long distances on purpose? Well someone play it and then we can say if another, shorter route is needed.
IMO I would like it if there could be more expansion sites. Or add a ramp to the elevated catawalk expos.
Either of those suggestions would destroy the whole point of the map...sry =/
modified by Arden(WoF)

Proglem is, that the concept needs the path as it is now. even if the distance then is really huge.

I wouldn't want to add the bridges mosq sugguestded, still they would solve the distance problem.

maybe just add a bridge there and test it out?
Really nice map.

I think the distance between bases is pretty far though ><
Yeah, it seems that everyone has a problem with the distance between bases =/. However, I don't think it would be a very good idea to move the bridges, so I hope the distance is bearable.
great map

it isn't too complicated, not cluttered with too many expos and the mins only is in a position, where it isn't so far behind the frontlines, but still not too hard to defend. imho games get pretty boring if main+nat+min only are too close to each other.

the only thing i'd change is the island layout in a way that every race can harass the expo without having to drop it (for example by putting the minerals to the other side or by making a path around the platform)

i especially like how even the floor tilesets are 100% (as far as i have checked) symmetrical. that's the work of a true perfectionist! ;)
oh, by the way: what about the gas issue? the are geysirs in all 4 directions.
gas issue is most important for mainbases...
as soon as it comes to naturals, island expansion and so on, the position, vulnerability and cliffability of a gas-building counts more than the gas issue (just imagine at a natural: one gas can be lurkered/sieged from a cliff, one not).

plus, the difference in gas is esp. important in early game, the longer a game lasts, the less striking is the difference (and it somehow equals sooner or later). but as in mainbases, it still affects balance a lot and can be done easily, the gas issue should be considered at least there.
good point. hadn't thought about that.


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--LostTampon vs DeA[LighT](1on1, 1.14)
--LostTampon vs DeA[LighT](1on1, 1.14)

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