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Last update for (2)Deep Temptation : 2006, 11, 28 00:01
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1056 (2)Deep Temptation 128*96trcc0.1beta

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (9 elements)

I think i was a bit inspired by the map chaos theory, (the mineral thing) but it's not exactly executed in the same way :o

Is there enough gas? If no, well do you suggest to put gas at middle, otherwise, i can't find any other place to put 2 other expands, but times will tell and i could rearrange the map to make another expo O_= ..

How is the nat setup, Id like to hear what rare is imbalanced, as u now, i'm not really good in theory crafting D;

Also, i did not add the gas issue, because of major differences between both base, i want the gas vulnerable on both position ( vulnerable, but not that much since you have to take the route inside the base and then get down, unless you mined all the min only O_+ )
modified by trcc
coulee style ~

I like it, looks very clean,.
Sweet dude
Well it's a little hard to speak about balace without playing this, because on one hand the distance between gas nat and main is a bit long for FE with zerg. Also those two ramps are very closly together wich gives advantage to terran to protect them both from the cliff, and there you go... 3 safe expands. On Comet the ramps at least were very separeted, wich was the good thing i guess. Still i can't say much more about the map. It's really hard to judge for the balance...

And it's a really good map!
modified by LGI
i dont get the concept with the min only and it blocking the ramp and whatever could some one explain
i dont get the concept with the min only and it blocking the ramp and whatever could some one explain
you can sneak workers through it, and as soon as the minonly is mined away, you have an additional entrance
Should i reduce a bit the mineral amount in the mineral onlies, so you have to think about it twice before mining it, otherwise it will take much time to have access to this second entrance?

It would become a free dangerous expand

What about putting the gas on the current mineral only with mineral ressources half-depleted, so zerg still expand on the natural to secure its entrance and the second one, so having the inbase expo isnt that strong for them?

I also think i could move the main mineral closer because right now, it is very long walk to the nat?
modified by trcc
make it 750 or so
that'd be cool actually
still dont get the point of it. your not going to be mining that expo anytime soon. by the time you do you will be guarding your ramp from expo, if not the middle.
yeah, its pretty useless actually:) In one game out of 20 it could make a difference, if the minerals do not cause AI problems it is worth it still=)
Looks easy for Terran to turtle that shit up, just 2 ramps :/
random map, I like it, very unique.
so.. far.. away..
i think this gives z a bit of advanatge but idk. very experimental. looks sick but im not sure it plays. someone get a game on this shit.
The map itself looks quite original and the way how it would be played,unique.But those mins in the nat are bad placed,that's for sure,like panschk and inept said before me.To stop a possible rush with them is a safeguard too much,because the players are pretty far away from each other.

I have offer you a alternative position for the natmin line,check the GMCS.No big deal
terran's may very easy defend 2 expos at the begining of the game

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