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Last update for (4)Winter Devils : 2006, 06, 06 20:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1057 (4)Winter Devils 128*128NastyMarine0.4final

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 19 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Add gas at 6 and 12 o'clock exps.
This map is for the Theme Competition and i love it. Its very dynamic. Its def a 2v2 map. but 1v1 is not outta the question. I made it as symmetric as i could.. i really tried to make the bottom of the map more grassy but failure for an unbuildable dirt ground i couldnt pull it off like i imagined.

One problem is the pathfinding from 7 to 11 and 5 to 1.. the backdoor passage screws with the units a bit... but if the units are near the nat they will take the more logical route thru the center of the map.

I think there might be some pathfinding issues between the top left and bottom left bases and the top right and bottom right bases.
You can get unbuildable grass and dirt by some doodads that are walkable, but not buildable, don't know how much land you wanted to cover though, it would be tricky if it is alot. Nice map, I like where you put the all mineral expansion.
you probably wouldnt want to but i say just fuck the backdoors.

try to think of something to with that high ground at 12 and 6. maybe connect them since ramps are kinda hard to attack ?

i also dont see how it is a glacier :p

but good map overall if you get rid of the pathfinding problem.
About the pathfinding, if flothefreak doesn't cut your headoff, then i am going to do this... Comments on fixing the back door would be nice, or mayby without a backdoor o_O?

P.S. You forget the min blocks on bottom right.
this backdoor stuff makes the map worse. Especially with the blocking minerals and pathfinding issues. Besides that and the minerals here and there, that unlike on kel-morian do not really have a reason to be there, I like it a lot.
I cant put gas at 12 and 6 it wuld clutter the battle field in the middle. i was thinkin it tho.. im currently editing out the back door concept.. the main reason i made it was b/c i knew that 9 and 3 entance was gonna be tight.. so i made it easier for players to get to it. so that was my main reason.

PS take a look at the pictures in the competition.. thats what flo wants it to look like. so i made it as good as i could.
btw i dont think i can connect 12 and 6 high ground positions.. it will give t too much room to set up a tank to shoot the mains. actually i dont think there is a good way to look at it cuz either way a t can set up there.
modified by NastyMarine
btw, you don't have to name your map "the last glacier". that's only the theme. you can name your map however you want, as long as you add it to the competition ;)

and the backdoors screw everything btw ;(
yeah i made some modifications to the map but i jus havent updated it on the site yet.. im lazy
UPDATE: i took out the back door passage. I also modified sum terrain .. comments?
pretty sexy~

I like it.
OMG this map plays so good!! its so damn sexy man. yo this is a must play.. watch both reps of me and epidion.. so sexy!!!
modified by NastyMarine
Don't be so modest, heh.
modified by Arden(WoF)
haha well why dont u take a shot at it? its a fine map. im sure u wuld like it too
Yeah, they were some fun games, definitely.
lol, you guys suck a lil. toss, you dont really know how to play toss too well do you>? and the terran guy doesnt know how to pump. Im not gosu or anything but i can see some major flaws in the gameplay.
lol who are you to judge? we are talking about the map not our gaming skillz ass. And if ur not gosu then why diss another player?

manners > skillz

where are yours?

also might i add that i havent played in awhile cuz i been at college. and it was about 3 in the morning... so i apologize for the last rep. but the 3rd rep I played decent
modified by NastyMarine
--v mOsQ
mmm, map by lgi ? ^_^ +1 clone symmetric map

thats all i have to say..
mq all maps are simmetric bu not all maps are geometric; u do't know what mean simmetric...
modified by Droid
lol acuatelly i agree with Mosq this looks exactly like hocus peakus set up rofl ^^

hypnotize there arent many people that play good here so if you come to look for skill you wont find much...some people i know that are good are LGI,me, and epidion is alright :) not sure about anyone else
I see no resemblance
by far your best map ever imo
then that is just naivity my friend.

take out the mineral onlys. what do you get? gameplay like hocus peakus, except that the emphasis is on the sides instead of the middle.
that's plain bullshit.
i could name 20 things that change the gameplay completely.
or i just say one sentence to prove my point wihtout much writing:

"where are strong dangerous cliffs in HP?"
I see ur point wit the middle. but is it necessary to point out? i mean does it look so similar so i shuld change it? i dont think so. but i do see how u culd say sum of the middle is but other than that i dont think so.
shall add this to motw? i played a few ppl on the west and east and ppl are really lovin this map! nemore suggestions toward the map? can i have some ppl play on this map and see what u think of the gameplay?
maybe reduce the cliffs. they're quite overwhelming...
theorycraftin eh? its really not that vexing as u suggest. They are quite fine. but how/where wuld u suggest the modifications? cuz i dont mind taking it into consideration
that to no specific thing. just when you look on the picture, they seems to own everything:
-natural AND entrance covered COMPLETELY by one cliff.
-those natural cliffs even secure the entrance to 3h/9h-gasexpos easily
-12h/6h cliffs own the minonlys on the highground
-from those minonlys you can also harass with tankdrops cuz you can shoot the mainbase

that's just quite a lot power for cliffs
why do i get the feeling that ur jus blockin me from a win!!! lol ... honestly tho ne1 can take advantage of the nat cliff with lurker.. tank, templar storm etc... the only real problem that u have brought out is:

-12h/6h cliffs own the minonlys on the highground

yeah u are right but a player has a choice to expand there or not... its jus a risk *(theorycrafting)*.. but wen u think about it.. t needs an advantage for atleast in tvp to harass... without that, harassing for t is very hard. so small positions like that arent that overwhelming.
nasty marine get on east well test a game eh?
tomorrow night i def will... tonight im in jersey at my aunt's .. and she only has a mac.. but tomorrow ill be at my uncle so ill b able to test it! its a date. lol.. .neone else!?
harassing is good basically. but the cliff at the natural kicks the natural and covers the main entrance. that's more than harass. if a terran manages to install some troops there, the game is won.

and it is true that every race can use cliffs. BUT no one can use them so effectively as terran does. terran can quite cheap hold grip on a certain important cliff. PLUS, terran cliffdrops are the most powerful of all, and they are much more powerful than anything else.
heh nvm then. i only play on weekends :)
flo wanna try a game on it :p
nope, sry
won't game anymore because i got an important test tomorrow. i even postponed a bwcl match :o
its user-final so rate it! plz no bullshit votes tho -_-
Free Image Hosting at
You are insane lmfao!!!! why the fuck would any1 expo at that min onlie if its top vs top or bottom vs bottom.. its in the middle of the freaking battlefield .. if i saw ne1 do that i'd call them an idiot. why any1 wuld expo in the middle of those battlefields is retarded.

theres no way u can call that a pathfinding issue.. i'd call any1 that does that retarded. Nada or any1.. very unlikely any smart player wuld have the ignorance to expo there. lmfao

if u really think that its a problem whats the real solution to fix that? but i;d like others to comment about this too b4 any changes are made
So i will be an idiot if i make an expand there? That makes YOU an idiot, because you creat an expand there.

Anyway here is your solution:

Free Image Hosting at

And now i am 100% sure that you want notice some little details and you will say "This is not going to fix the pathfinding" or a shit like this, but i won't help anymore, because you are a total asshole.

P.S. I still haven't tasted but this is the right way for your solution.
want = won't*
i created an expand there for 2v2 or if a game plays top vs bottom. i suppose i can jus take it out. i dont see it being a very big game changing expo.
i like ur suggestion LGI i think i really mite take it into consideration and change it. but i think the bottom one may still have a problem
stop flaming LGI, he is totally right. his nagging about bad pathfinding might be annoying if it is about your own map, because it shows flaws in it - but that is why he is right. be glad someone takes the time to show you such things. blaming and flaming him for this is so baddass-like because what he does is nothing but help. i really support LGI here, so take his advice.

good pathfinding IS important... RoV would be my favourite map all the way if i had not lost some games to it due to the minblocks at the natural.
LGI knows about the importance.

so, shut up and be thankful, and you, LGI, keep on nagging! :)
that is the only way to push people to their skill limits, and thus help them to cross them sooner or later.
flo, they were both flaming.

I would never have a problem with the pathfinding there, who sends units from their main straight to the other player??
who wouldn't?
Yeah seriously, I do it all the time. But then again I lose 80% of my games =/
winter devils already has enough expos as is, pathfinding problems or not, they should be taken out.
so i guess i shall take out both min onlies then
updated map suggestions last comments?
--v mOsQ
i see Comet -.-
maybe breath of ice has close relation with comet but not winter devils
Nasty, i'm really impressed of your approach. Your maps get better and better and this one evolved a lot, and it looks awesome. It's very macro oriented but i like it here.

gj, really
Thanks. Now got to get a MOTW :) right now i have flo's curse lol
fixed pic from bmp to jpeg

--NastyMarine vs holymacro(1on1, 1.13)
--NastyMarine vs hasuville(1on1, 1.13)
--NastyMarine vs EpidiOn.scm(1on1, 1.13)
--NastyMarine vs EpidiOn.scm(1on1, 1.13)

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